articles from February 2009


February 24th, 2009

Intentionally Left Bank

Why are so many people leaving their bank and coming to Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union? Maybe it’s because SMCU offers all the same services as banks, but we’re a not-for-profit co-op, which means our profits go back to our members in the form of fewer fees, lower loan rates and higher dividends. Perhaps it’s all… (keep reading)

Bank On Seattle

February 13th, 2009

SMCU and Bank on Seattle

What does it mean when we say that Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union is “Inclusive”? It means that our membership is open to anyone who lives, works or worships in Washington State. More than that, membership is open to anyone related to a member by blood, marriage, adoption or domestic partnership. Being inclusive also means that… (keep reading)


February 3rd, 2009

2009 Volunteer Elections – vote online!

As you know, Principle #2 says that members call the shots. Voting for SMCU’s Board and Supervisory Committee candidates is one of the most important ways to let your VOICE be heard. Now it is even easier for members to “call the shots” with an online voting service called eVote. Go to and click… (keep reading)