February 11th, 2013

Vote Now for Your 2013 Board of Directors

Vote for Board copy

You are the reason SMCU exists. Your opinions matter. That’s why, as member-owners of the credit union, you get to exercise your voice by voting in SMCU’s 80th Annual Volunteer Board and Supervisory Committee Elections, between February 11 and March 8.

Every member gets one vote to help guide the credit union’s course. Ballots can be submitted by mail, or you can vote online for instant confirmation that your vote was received and accurately counted.

To vote, you will receive a paper letter and, if SMCU has your email address on file, an email with detailed information about the election, candidates, and voting process. More information regarding the volunteer election procedures can be found on smcu.com.

What Does the Board Do?

100% democratically elected by the membership, the Board is made up of nine members, each holding a three-year term. Board members meet each month to review and evaluate all aspects of the credit union including:

  • Setting the vision for the credit union
  • Building a strategic plan
  • Approving the annual operating budget
  • Overseeing the credit union’s financial soundness and service levels

Additional responsibilities include serving on special SMCU Committees, such as the Corporate Citizenship Committee, the Finance and Budget Committee, and the Technology Committee. Board members also represent the credit union at community events.

What is the Supervisory Committee?

The Supervisory Committee ensures adherence to state, federal and internal policies and procedures; supervises the completion of an annual audit as well as supplemental audits; and, reports the findings to the Board, management, members and/or regulatory agencies as required. Each of the five positions on the Supervisory Committee carries a staggered three-year term.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

To cast your vote in this year’s Annual Elections, mail your ballot or vote online between 2/11 and 3/8. More information about our Board and Supervisory Committee Members can be found here.

To be eligible to vote, as of 12/31/2012 you must have been a member in good standing at least 18 years of age who is a natural person (no trusts, organizations or businesses). Individuals who hold a joint status on any account without their own Primary Share account are not eligible to vote. If you are a joint account holder who opened an individual account before 12/31/2012, you are eligible to vote.

6 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    No place to vote on line. What gives? Try your links and there is no place to put the username and password I got in the mail. HELP!!!!!!!!!

  2. Diane Law says:

    I voted but was sorry to see there is only one woman and no people of color in the running. I like SMCU a lot but wish it had more diverse representation.

    • SMCU says:

      Thanks for voting and for your great comment, Diane. Every year we do a public call for nominees, and we accept applications year round. We hope members like you will apply or spread the word. More applications mean a more diverse, representative Board.

  3. Jay Jiudice says:

    Just though you might like to know that Michael Alba’s check box on the e-ballot doesn’t work very well. The first 2 times I tried to select it, his name didn’t show up on the review page. It only worked the third time after I selected someone else, reviewed that, then went back and deselected it and selected Alba, then he showed up on the review page. Then my ballot processed properly. Other’s may not be so vigilant though and just select a candidate who’s check box works the first time. Poor Michael Alba…

    • SMCU says:

      Thank you for this valuable input. Our election is being independently validated by one of the most secure and reputable companies available. We will submit this feedback and request that our online ballot be reviewed for any possible problems. It is for cases like this that the confirmation page at the end of the process can be very helpful. We feel very confident that your vote was securely registered, and we are extremely grateful for your participation in the election.