February 22nd, 2012

Beware of Fraudulent Payday-Loan Collection Calls

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released a new e-scam warning yesterday regarding fraudulent phone calls related to delinquent payday-loan accounts.

The caller usually says they are from an official agency, like the FBI, a law firm or other debt collector calling on behalf of companies such as United Cash Advance, U.S. Cash Net or other Internet-check-cashing service. They claim the victim is delinquent on a payday loan and must make an immediate payment to avoid legal consequences. Often they will ask for a debit or credit-card number, and in some cases have asked for a prepaid card, to cover the payment.

The callers use high-pressure tactics and seek to frighten victims into making payments based on a threat of arrest or lawsuit. When pressed for the details of the alleged loan the callers often become verbally abusive.

If you receive a call for a debt you do not owe, the FBI recommends you take the following actions:

  • Contact your local law-enforcement agencies if you feel you are in immediate danger;
  • Contact your financial institution(s) and credit card companies;
  • Contact the three major credit bureaus and request an alert be put on your file;
  • If you have received a legitimate loan and want to verify that you do not have any outstanding obligation, contact the loan company directly;
  • File a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at www.IC3.gov.

Source: The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Read the complete release here: www.fbi.gov/scams-safety/e-scams

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