December 7th, 2012

Don’t Miss Out on Your Fourth-Quarter Bonus

Time is Running Out

The quarter is quickly coming to an end. That means you have just a few short weeks to refer new members and have them count toward your January bonus.

It’s easy to refer. Just tell your friends and family about your great experiences with SMCU and encourage them to open their membership. We can help them save money on everything from a car loan to a checking account, and they will have you to thank.

Double Your Bonus

Have you already referred members this quarter? If so, you still have a few weeks to double your member referral bonus. If you currently have a checking account with SMCU but no loans, you are eligible to receive a $20 bonus for each member you have referred. If you open a new loan by December 31, your bonus will double to $40 for each of this quarter’s referrals. And, as long as your loan is open, you will continue to be eligible for $40 when you refer a new member.

When You Participate You Benefit

SMCU’s Member Referral Program is one of the ways we live our principles. We believe that when you participate in your credit union, you deserve to share in its success. The more you use its products and services, the bigger your share should be.

Give the Gift of Financial Independence

You already know that SMCU is a great place to do your banking. When you share your stories of service with your friends and family, you can help them break free from the fee gouging and profit-first business decisions they have to deal with at the big banks. By encouraging them to switch to SMCU, you can help the people you care about save hundreds, even thousands of dollars when they refinance their existing loans.

Thank you for being an SMCU member. It’s because of you that we’ve been able to help our friends and neighbors since 1933.

Learn more about the Member Referral Program and read the official rules at

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