March 1st, 2011

Design Your Own Card

Design your own SMCU Visa card.

Introducing the newest feature to our SMCU Visa® Credit Cards: Design Your Own Card. You can now customize your card by uploading a personal image or choosing from a catalogue of hundreds of distinct images. It can be a picture of your puppy or a snapshot from your favorite lookout. It’s up to you.

To get started, log into Online Banking and click the image that reads “Click Here to Design Your Own Card”, in the Visa® section. (Shown Below)

Click Here to Design Your Own Card

(Some restrictions apply. Design your own card fee is $9.95. For full details view the Design Your Own Card: Frequently Asked Questions)

21 Responses

  1. Sarah Carter says:

    Can you do this will a debit card also?

  2. Sam Shettle says:

    Any idea when or if it will be offered for debit cards as well?

  3. Krystal says:

    We would love to have it on debit cards. I’m sure there is plenty of interest for it.

    • SMCU says:

      Thank you so much for your inquiries and interest surrounding this feature. As it relates to debit cards, we have explored this option; however currently do not plan on offering the “design your own card” feature for those cards. That said, as an owner your suggestions are taken very seriously and we try and implement as many as we can. If you feel that this or any other product/feature would benefit you and your fellow members, please use our online suggestion box to let us know.

      Thank you for your interest and participation.

      • Jon Gillis says:

        Why won’t you facilitate “designing your own card” with Debit Cards? Please explain this shortsighted decision. Thank you. jg

      • Chris says:

        Not everyone uses a credit card, but a lot of people use debit cards. I only use debit cards, having the ability to upload a family pic to be put on my debit card would be awesome.

        Please consider this, for the members.


  4. Colleen says:

    We appreciate being SMCU memembers so much and know that you do everything you can for us. I would also like to cast my vote for debit card customization. It’s the only card we whip out of our wallets!

    Thanks, Krystal & Sam!

  5. Brian says:

    Since I only use my VISA for online purchases, I don’t care for the VISA graphics design. I, too would like it to be offered as a DEBIT card creation. Understandable, SMCUs motive is to get people to sign up for a credit card.

  6. Megan Smith says:

    I logged onto online banking but did not see “Click Here to Design Your Own Card”, in the Visa® section. What’s up? Thank you!

    • SMCU says:

      In the Visa section you should see a drop-down box that reads “Please select an account.” From that box, select the card for which you’d like to create a design and click Enter. You’ll be directed to your Visa credit card account details page and on the top right of that screen you will see the “Click Here to Design Your Own Card” button. Let us know if you continue to have trouble accessing the design center.

  7. Maggie says:

    I vote for the design your own debit card as well. That’s what more people are using now.

  8. Eric says:

    Add my vote for personalized designs for Debit Visa cards as well.

    Also, let’s get SMCU Visa’s set up for Electronic Statements and receipt of eBills and Electronic payments the same way we can with other Bankcards (I get my BofA, US Bank, and Amex statements via Bill Pay service just fine – SMCU Visa is the only one not supported!)

  9. Saret says:

    I also would like SMCU to re-evaluate and review the option to have “Design Your Own Card” available for Debit Cards too. You seem to have a lot of members who would love the idea. Have us take a vote now. Count mine as well for YES to “Design Your Own Card” for Debit Cards.

  10. Andrea Bishop says:

    Add an additional vote for designing my own debit card as well !!!!

  11. MIke J. says:

    Another vote for debit card custom design!!

  12. Luis E. says:

    I would really love it if this option was available for debit cards as well. In fact, my primary card for purchases IS my debit card. I usually have my credit cards stored away for emergencies.

  13. brynn h. says:

    I vote yes for debit card customization as well. I only use my credit card as a last resort, and I would love to spark some interest in my business as a jewelry designer by using an image on my debit card. Since I cannot, Im missing that opportunity, but it still won’t make me more apt to use my credit card. Please revisit the idea of design your own debit cards. The amount of people that took the time (albeit brief) to say that they want this option means that there are many many more out there who didnt take the time to do so. Listen to your members, it’s what a credit union is all about!

    • SMCU says:

      Thank you for your comment, Brynn, and yes, we are listening. In fact, we wrote another post about all the comments we’ve been getting. SMCU is fully behind this idea, and the only thing stopping us is figuring out some technical solutions on the back end. The Design Your Own Credit Card product took several months to configure. The debit card product requires even more programming to create interfaces between different systems. We are still researching to see if and how quickly we can make this happen. We hope to have good news soon.

  14. Jaynalee says:

    Add me to the list of members that would LOVE to have this feature on debit cards! I would be most grateful.

  15. Donna says:

    I love SMCU and tell everyone that will listen to consider changing to the credit union. I also use only a debit card and would hope that this option will be made available to debit card users. It is a great idea but leaving us out doesn’t make sense.