July 19th, 2012

Homegrown Exclusive Interview: Matt Bishop of Hey Marseilles and Brian Ledford of Brian Ledford and the Cadillac Desert

In our third Homegrown Exclusive Interview, we spoke with featured artists Matt Bishop of Hey Marseilles and Brian Ledford of Brian Ledford And The Cadillac Desert. Both bands can be found on SMCU’s Homegrown album with their respective tracks “Rio” and “The Jewel Fades.”

How did your band get started?
Matt: Three of us– Nick, Philip & I– met at the University of Washington and met up irregularly to record demos in the basement of a Wedgwood house and jam at Gas Works Park when the sun was out. Eventually we got a show, and eventually the demos turned into a record, which meant we had to play more shows. And here we are 5 years later.

Brian: I’ve been playing and writing songs for many years. In 2008, after the last band I was in broke up, I decided it was time to take the material I’d written over the years that wasn’t a good fit for the bands I was in and see if it made more sense produced as a solo effort. That has developed into the most artistically rewarding time I’ve had in music.

What do you listen to when you’re on the road?
Matt: Andrew Bird. Wilco. Dr. Dog. Patrick Watson. The Bad Plus if our drummer Colin is driving.

Brian: Too long a list to quote here, but I love both straight ahead classic rock, The Beatles, The Clash, Elvis Costello, but also love driving through the huge landscapes of the West listening to big cinematic music from Eno, Lanois, Floratone, Radiohead and Doves.

What’s your favorite road trip story?
Matt: Our first foray into Canada– on the way to Toronto for Canadian Music Fest– involved a 3-hour stop at the border, drug-sniffing dogs, and intense individual interrogations. We are happy that we’re still allowed into Canada.

Brian: When my wife and I moved up to the Northwest from Austin we did the drive up in three epic days in a VW Camper Van with our 5 cats and a dog. To make the trip in three days we had to pretty much drive 12+ hours. During the day the cats all hid in all the luggage we’d packed into the van, but when the sun went down they all came out and started yowling in distress and climbing all over, and under, both driver and passenger.

When we were on the last leg from Bozeman to Seattle we were climbing up out of the Columbia River Gorge and steadily slowing. When the van got down to about 15 mph I nervously told my wife she needed to downshift. She looked over at me and let me know that we were already in first gear… We did just make the crest at about 5 miles an hour on the shoulder with the semis passing us.

What sort of experience do you have with credit unions or co-ops?
Matt: I’m a member of a grocery co-operative as well as a financial credit union. I also used to own a co-op apartment before I realized that being a homeowner and a musician were not easily compatible. I’m a big fan of co-ops.

Brian: Unfortunately not much beyond this wonderful project and your support for local music. Thank You!!

Stay tuned for next week’s Homegrown Exclusive Interview with Ali Marcus and Blvd Park.

Hey Marseilles, Brian Ledford And The Cadillac Desert, and 15 other Washington bands can be found on Homegrown. A free download is available for a limited time only here.

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