July 21st, 2010

Increasing Membership The Right Way

From February to April this year, SMCU asked you to share credit union membership with your family and friends who were looking for a better place to do their banking. Aside from happier friends and family, you were rewarded for every new member you referred. When a new referred member opened a new SMCU checking account, you each got $20 deposited into your SMCU accounts.

Your response was amazing and made a big difference in the number of new memberships opened during the promotion. Because of your efforts, new SMCU membership increased more than 30% from previous months. Nearly 250 new members joined SMCU because you told them how happy you’ve been with the products and services you get at your credit union.

You know that SMCU follows the 7 Principles, and Principle #3 is that our rates and fees should benefit our membership. The more people who use SMCU, the more there is to go around to all members. By helping your credit union grow, you got to see that principle in action. A big thanks to everyone who participated in the promotion and to all those members who refer their friends and family to SMCU all year round.

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