February 1st, 2010

(intentionally left bank) Member Referral


These three words, (intentionally left bank), have become more than just a statement; they’ve become a principles-driven movement. And our third principle is all about making the credit union benefit the members. That’s why from Monday, February 1st until Wednesday, March 31st, we will be giving out $20 to referred members who intentionally leave their bank, and to the person that refers them.

How does it work? Every time a member refers a new member, we give $20 to each of them. All the new member has to do is deposit $50 into a checking account. It is that simple. So tell your family, friends, co-workers, dentists and carpool buddies to join the movement, and become a member-owner of Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union. We love to have them as a part of our membership!

Want to show your pride? Now you can purchase apparel and merchandise to show how you moved your money to a place where you are in control, as opposed to corporate stock-holders. And the best part of all, is that all proceeds go to Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union’s non-profit partners!



Here’s what people are saying about why they (intentionally left bank).

Because I’m a person, not a revenue source.

  Sebastian C.

Banks are so impersonal… I feel that the Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union treats us like a member of the community.

  Michael M.

I was with Bank of America. I have never overdrafted my account. I did by 18.36 and they charged me $175 of over draft charges. I was pissed, I went in, tried to talk to them, they wouldn’t listen. Finally I talked to the manager, and they made me sit on the phone with customer service and the lady on the phone gave me some money back. Why should I have to talk to a phone? Why didn’t the members there do something. As soon as the money went into my account, I dropped it and signed up here.

  Taea C.

About a year after my bank was taken over by Wells Fargo, I learned that there was a campaign against them because of their predatory lending practices. That did it. I researched credit unions and chose SMCU. It was definitely the right thing to do!

  Dennie C

Knowing there was a better option than my bank, I finally did my homework and found SMCU. I love having access to all the free ATMs through the Co-Op Network. In fact, it’s part of the reason I’m still a member of SMCU, despite moving to California!

  Mike E.

Recently I walked into Chase (where I still hold an account) and the reasons I prefer to bank at SMCU where abundantly clear. As I entered the branch, no less than three sales people descended upon me to launch their latest ‘products’ upon me. Did I want a new debit card, a new credit card, a new consultation for finances, etc.? No joke, it took me almost an hour to get out of the bank. By the time I left I felt like I needed a shower (kind of like the feeling when I leave a car dealership!) So that sums it up for me.

  Stephen H.

I was left bank of america because they charge too many fees.

  Johnny W.

I left WAMU, because their fees were RIDICULOUS! I’ll never go back to a big institution again!

  Samantha S.

SMCU was very friendly and worked with me on getting a car loan at a great rate. Gosh, that was over 10 years ago!

  Mary Lou W.

Direct Deposit made it easy to switch banks and SMCU is within walking distance from my work location.


I recently realized that I havent used my BOA account in over 7 months. Didnt even notice or miss it!

  Jessica B.

It took months to resolve a banking issue that was the banks fault. Personal service? It was non-existant. I jumped to SMCU and have never looked back.

  Edward M.

I grew up in New England being told to only trust Credit Unions when it comes to financial security. When I moved to the West Coast, I tried a traditional ‘bank’ promising many of the same benefits of a traditional Credit Union. I quickly learned that all the additional fees, requirements, etc were far from what I grew up with. I quickly looked for something that reminded me of home and all that Credit Unions promised and I found that with Seattle Metropolitan CU. Thanks for all you do.

  Kris R.

I left a big bank because of the inpersonal service.

  Laurel S.

My other bank had so many hidden charges and was very frustrating. I will stay with SMCU for as long as I can.

  Moses M.

Why taking risk putting money in banks??? I heard many banks need bailout money but not the Credit Unions.

  Mei M.

I feel saver putting my money in local Credit Unions than banks. I don’t trust the banking system anymore.

  Alex S.

One day, a new credit card suddenly showed up on my account at Bank of America. I didn’t order it, and was alarmed. Calling the bank left me more concerned; they couldn’t tell me why or how the account was opened. When a bank can’t find an application for a credit card issued in your name, it’s gotten too big to care.

  Michael S.

I love SMCU. During the height of the financial crisis last winter, I felt re-assured every time I walked into my branch and saw the signs declaring SMCU had money to lend. I wasn’t looking for a loan, but it was so re-assuring to know that I was part of a financial institution that was solvent, and, most importantly, lent responsibly.

  Phoebe K.

My Bank, Chase, informed me that ALL deposits except Cash and Direct Deposits have a 24 hour hold. This includes cashiers checks and money orders. I was told that this was being done with all accounts to protect from fraud. Totally unacceptable.

  William N.

When WaMu was taken over by Chase, they sent us a ‘customer service’ booklet that was just gobblety-gook. It seemed to imply that free checking would require a deposit of $15,000 in your account. Goodbye Chase, hello local Credit Union.

  Claire H.

I intentionally left my bank (Wells Fargo) when I heard myself say, ‘oh I wouldn’t get a LOAN there…’ and I realized that if I couldn’t trust my bank to give me a good rate then I was crazy to trust them with my savings and checking!

  Mollie M.

There is no real service at the large banks.The fees for overdrafts are out of control.

  Thomas T

I was a Washington Mutual employee for 8 years. I was laid off about nine months prior to the FDIC seizure (and subsequent JP Morgan Chase takeover). I was loyal to WaMu even after the layoff as they still had a small bank feel and I felt were very commited to the local community. However, the moment the seizure and takover occurred I knew this would no longer be the case and I immediately started seeking out true local and community banks. I have been with SMCU exclusively for nearly two months and though switching numerous accounts from one bank to another can be tough they made it very simple and I have loved every moment of it. I’m glad I intentionally left bank.

  Mandy M.

Because it was very expensive.

  Francesco D.

My former bank used to be the darling of the northwest, with witty commercials and solid customer service to match. They had a long, valuable relationship with me as their customer. But then they drifted off course;…the customer service faded into a memory; and they finally collapsed under their own mistakes. They were acquired by a gigantic east coast financial company whose first move to welcome me into their arms was to slash the rates on my savings account. I left them and never looked back. Since then, I couldn’t be happier with the service and value I receive from SMCU. I intentionally left my bank, and I’m never going back!

  John W.

I always felt like my bank was looking for ways to squeeze more money out of me. I brag that I intentionally left bank – and will stay a happy SMCU member for life!

  Maureen E.

In this day and time courtesy and service seems to be null and void. I was happy with the switch and won’t go back!

  LaChelle S.

I left my bank because I felt like a number.

  Cinda B.

I have always been with SMCU and I would never leave!! I have heard some tragic bank stories and I always think to myself how lucky I am to be with SMCU.

  Andrea G..

I joined SMCU when I got hired on at the City. I just love the friendly people who work for SMCU. They are so accommodating to my needs. Most of all I love that I receive my paycheck the night before pay day.

  Shay K.

I wanted to bank locally!

  Sandra G.

I never knew what a Credit Union was. I was very disillusioned with the local banks and the fact that every time I turned around, my bank had a new name. I spoke to a friend who belonged to a Credit Union – so I signed up!

  Teresa K.

Me and WAMU/Chase just arn’t compatible.

  Drew W.

I had been a customer of a ‘local gone big’ bank for many years. As they grew in size, customer service seemed to go the other direction. I made up my mind to pull everything out and find a local credit union. I know I made the right decision and I haven’t looked back since.

  Shirley S.

I left US Bank continued piling on service fees for a problem of their own making.

  George T.

I left my previous bank, Washington Mutual, because of hidden fee’s and lower interest rates.

  Meghann D

I used to be with Bank of America for a couple of years, and recently, I just got tired of their charging for simple stuff like asking for your how much money you have in your account after you do your transaction.

  Jermaine R.

We were previously with WAMU, now Chase, and were quite offended by the attitude they have demonstrated as they swoop in to the West Coast with their East Coast banking attitude. SMCU has been a breath of fresh air.

  Carrie B.

They charge me for not using my debt card for 5 times a month or direct deposit to waive my monthly fee.

  Kevin D.

I was a customer with US Bank for many years, and had experienced poor customer service on many occasions. The final straw was a horrific experience of fraud on my account. 60 days after the illegitimate charges were credited to my account; the bank reversed the credit claiming I had not filled out a form to verify the fraud. After numerous conversations (and waiting on hold for 20+ minutes each time), I have been told this magical form had an expiration date and I would never see my money again. SMCU is truly a delightfully unexpected change from corporate banking.

  Kayla E

I left my big corporate bank because the service at SMCU is uparalleled!

  Matthew M.

I had been with them for over 7 years and I needed to have my home refiances and the rep who discuss my options were rude to me and made me feel very poor and unedcauted. Then all of a sudden their ATM machines began to disappear!! I had use SMCU machines to get cash, so I figured I might as well just do my banking with SMCU.

  Nicole J.

My wife and I have been very intentional about where we invest our money, but the convenience of a major bank kept us from joining SMCU. When our bank was taken over by another company we finally got our act together and made the switch. Now that I know about the cooperation among many credit unions I actually think that it is more convenient working with SMCU. And I love knowing that my money is being re-invested in our community!

  Aaron S.

I did not want to support the behavior of CEOs of big banks awarding themselves huge bonuses and pay while the not keeping the money in the community which supports it. The SMCU keeps the money circulating within the community of savers. This assures that our economic lives will be more secure and sustainable.

  Ken C.

I left Wells Fargo because they kept making mistakes on ‘service charges’, and I had to call them every month for 6 mos. to get them reversed!! Also, they hardly paid any interest at all in a money market account. I’ve been happy with SMCU service since I first joined in 1974!

  Janet H.

I recently moved backed to Seattle after a 6 year stint in Southern California. Finding out that my current bank had only ONE branch in the heart of Downtown Seattle did not make my banking easy.

  Tawny M.

CU staff are more customer oriented and more accessible.

  Reynoldo R.

The interest rate on my savings account fell below the rate of inflation, and they were charging me a fee to keep that account open. I took the hint that they just didn’t want my money, and left.

  Joe R.

After almost ten years with my bank I felt as if I was just another number. Suddenly my paychecks were subject to be held for a day before I could have access to them, debits show up as pending and then go away only to come back again later.I’m very happy with the decision to leave and I feel like a person at my credit union rather than a number. Thank you!

  Erin G.

I was with my bank for 16 years. I had been supportive of them through 3 mergers. After all that time, they still didn’t make me feel special. I have been a member of SMCU since 2006 and I cannot say enough about the treatment I receive. The tellers know my name, they know what I need, and most of all, they know me. I am a person to them, not simply a transaction.

  Monica B.

Chase decided they would reorganize my transactions based on size and when I made a simple mistake that should have only cost me one overdraft fee it was compounded into 7, totaling over $200. When I went to the bank to talk about it they acted like they were doing me a favor by reorganizing my transactions from largest to smallest. Even after I thought I canceled they charged me another two overdraft fees ‘in error’ trying to see if they could screw me over once more. I’m very happy that all of that is over with now.

  Paul F.

I had been with other banks in my youth, wamu, peoples, ect. but quickly realized that credit unions were the way to go.

  Kathy S.

I joined Teamster’s Credit Union (eventually it became SMCU) when I went to work as a Teamster in 1990. I am very pro union so this situation fit me well. Even though I had to stop working at a relatively young age, I kept my ‘old school’ night owl hours. I LOVE that I can email customer service at 4 AM and I will always – without exception – receive a thorough, knowledgable and friendly response (shout out to Jessica and Mike!)

  Debi R.

I left Bofa because… when I called up to report my debit card lost/stolen, they told me they could only give me an ATM card since I’d already had too many debit cards on this account.

  Mauren J.

Leaving my bank for SMCU was a very easy decision. I do almost all of my banking online with SMCU.

  Teri S.

Conventional banks were not user friendly. SMCU has been easier to work with. Also, the employees at your Southcenter Branch rock!

  Monica P.

I left my former bank because interest rates on car loans were lower at SMCU.

  Stacy J.

I left WAMU (my old bank) for their poor customer service. Also because from the very first time I visited SMCU I was treated with courtesy, kindness, friendliness and received an excellent customer service.

  Rosalinda L.

My Mom has been a member of SMCU for many, many years. So, when I was old enough to open my own account, I opened mine with SMCU. I’ve never been dissatisfied with SMCU. Their service is always up to par and I’ve been very happy. The people are very friendly and helpful.

  Megan R.

I left B of A because they double charge on the checking fees.

  Mike S.

I left my bank to join SMCU because of the attitude of the bank’s employees. They did not seem to care much about their customers and this was reflected in their attitude toward them. I do not find this at SMCU. In all my transactions I have always felt well treated.

  William M.

My husband and I moved from CA to WA, and though we wanted to stay with the same bank because it would be “easier”, we knew that we would have to open a new account because of interstate banking laws. Knowing we would have to sign signature cards in person at the WA bank, we went into a local branch and waited in line for a Customer Service Rep. After we explained our situation, the *live person* directed us to phone banks *inside the branch* and told us to speak with someone over the phone!!! That’s right: we were already talking to someone in person, and they STILL wanted us to use their call center!

  Christine C.

I had an account at a large national bank. They announced they were going ‘green’ and all transactions would now be green . This meant that they sent you to the atm for transactions, rather than inside to the teller. However, I was depositing cash, and I wanted my account to be credited the same day. So I had to go inside , access the representative, and use 3 extra pieces of paper to make my cash transaction – not as green as their prior way of doing business!

  Kathy W.

I was a credit union member in Hawaii and it was great. Then when I moved here I wasnt sure where to open an account, so just went with the default wamu. They were ok, but when they went down and got taken over by Chase, I was skeptical about it all and came to SMCU.

  Brooke A.

I bailed on Washington Mutual before they became Chase due to their poor service, unreasonable fees, and playing the Big Bank card with me one too many times.

  Lisa H.

I was tired of the lackluster customer service, the overall ‘big business’ feel, and the fees! I wanted something more local and my father has been banking with SMCU for many years.

  Lynell H.

SMCU will help me reach my financial goals and I won’t get dinged with fees along the way.

  Tracy R.

There are multiple reasons why I left my bank, but the most important was because I never felt like anyone was really friendly or personable. I started to think my name was ‘Next’. At my credit union I feel like they know a little about me and that makes me feel welcome to be there.

  Sugar G.

I left my bank when I moved to Seattle in 1969 and started working for the City of Seattle. My new workmates told me about the benefits of City Credit Union and how the rates were way better than the banks. I checked around and found that to be true so I went in to talk to City Credit Union.The staff were, and still are, professional and polite. My wife, Charlene, and I joined the credit union in 1969 and have been active members since with direct deposit and many transactions

  Roger L.

I intentionally left my bank because I thought I was signing up for free checking only to find it wasn’t free checking. To further aggravate the situation, my old bank did not offer to change my account.

  Regina R.

On a Friday afternoon, I asked for information regarding the value of my savings bonds. I was told they did not provide that service on Fridays. When speaking with the manager on duty, it was suggested I would be happier with a community bank rather than their ‘global’ institution.

  Sharyn E.

I was banking with a local bank that had become quite large. At first their services were excellent, but as time went on, they diminished in quality. Eventually the Bank was seized by the Federal Government, and was sold to a larger bank that had a reputation for fees and charges. I decided the time was ripe to join a credit union, and found SMCU.

  Christopher W.

Deposit rates are much much higher at the credit union!

  Tanya M.

For many years I worked in Downtown Seattle and on First Hill. It was easy to drop by and do my banking. Now I live in rural King County and there are no branches nearby. Bank by mail is a hassle and the fees by third parties make ATM use expensive. I’ll be back and remain a loyal member of a great credit union. Hugs

  John C.

They did not give me personal service and did not seem interested in my banking business staying with them.

  Candace B.

After the financial system collapse of last fall I was shocked at how unfair and corrupted our financial system really is, and I then realized that as long as we keep banking with the ‘big banks’ we continue to feed and support that system. Banking with a local credit union such as Seattle Metropolitan seem to me like the only way for us ‘mere mortals’ to take back control of our financial lives and help invest in our local communities.

  Rafael S.

I was fed up with all the extra fees banks charged and the un-willingness to take off these fees even if it wasn’t your fault that they charged them.

  Susannah M.

I left my bank because of the outrageous charges and the unfriendliness I recieved at my previous bank. At SMCU I receive personal help. I am known when I walk into the bank and greeted with such a friendly smile. I also know when I need help SMCU will be there.

  Alfreda C.

When I first moved to Seattle about three years ago I went to a local bank who shall remain nameless. I gave the representative a list of the services I wanted, one of which was overdraft protection with funds automatically transferred from your savings account. ‘Yes, we have that. Each overdraft will only cost you $xx.’ she said. I was shocked and said, ‘You mean you are going to charge me to use my own money to cover overdrafts?’ The answer as yes. So I told her that i would check out the credit union to get what I wanted.’You’ll be back’ she said. Guess what? I never did go back and LOVE banking with SMCU.

  Helen S.

SMCU gave me a bank account when no one else would. A few years ago I had some debt. No one would open an account with me. SMCU trusted me and let me build up my credit. Since then I have taken out, and paid back, a few thousand dollars to get my life together. Thank you SMCU!

  Adam G.

I was introduced to the Northgate Branch back in 1998. At the time I was with WELLS FARGO. When I entered the Credit Union I was received warmly by one or staff. The experience left me with the thought that it was time to drop WELLS FARGO and move on. I was unhappy with them due to the stiff reception when I went in to do business. SMCU was just the opposite. I learned that you offered Over Draft protection which I feel is really important to have. Also after I joined I was given my first loan and 1000 dollars credit. I’m happy to see the tee shirts came back it shows you care about your customers and what we have to say.

  Vicki L.

I intentionally left my bank over 40 years ago for better interest rates and better service. Today SMCU still has better rates and more services. And the bank I left is ‘no more’

  David C.

I left my larger bank due to fees, wait time, and terrible customer service. If I had any questions regarding my finances, they would refer me to some broken down pamphlet that was nothing to my personal needs in my financial progress.

  Isiah C.

They tried to strong-arm me into signing up for their products and services. Instead of treating me like a customer or client, they treated me like a random number within their aggressive sales goals. At the bank, I was just a ‘consumer’. With SMCU, I’m a member, with a certain kind of ownership. I love SMCU.

  Tobias P.

I left my old bank because they charged me for talking to a real live person when I had questions about my account, and tacked on fees whenever I turned around. When I relocated to Seattle, I didn’t even consider opening a bank account, I came right to SMCU.

  Paula R.

Fees, fees, fees. I was earning next to nothing for interest and what I was earning went towards fees, fees, fees.

  Jeffrey D.

Because of my credit history my bank considered me a high risk and would not take a second look at me. SMCU never seemed to be concerned about my past and have since opened a savings account, car loan, and mortgage.

SMCU had faith in me with all the others did not.

  Laura C.

I used to belong to a bank where my parents first took me to open my very first savings account. So when i grew up and moved out of the house i did not think about banks i just went and talked to them about checking and later on about credit, etc… Then after some time they were bought out by one of these larger banks from somewhere out of state and everything changed the customer service i had known was just gone over night the friendly smiling faces were replaced by employee’s told to smile or else there is a difference. anyways my wife convinced me that there were options so i went with her to financial institution i think i said something like ‘you mean there’s a bank back there?’. well long story short i have found those friendly smiling faces and the customer service i always remembered and then some. i would never go back to a ‘BANK’ again!

  Siddhartha D.

A big bank bought my first bank. A bigger bank bought my 2nd bank. A really big bank bought my 3rd bank. The really big bank has its headquarters in another state. I want a financial institution that is local and will be around for a while.

  Pat K.

Thirty years ago this was my first ‘bank’ account, and I see no reason to go anywhere else. The credit union has always treated me in fair and equitable manner, and has never looked quite as slick and tricky as most banks.

  Benjamin I.

They did not have internet service. I have greatly appreciated the internet service SCMU has provided and now have all my accoutns here despite rarely ever visiting a physical branch.

  Chad M.

I left Bank of America because the notion of them being ‘too big to fail’ didn’t sit well with me. I am financially accountable for my actions and I think big banks should be too.I was also noticing more and more fees with the major banks with less customer service. And with SMCU-I’ve pleasantly found minimal fees and top notch customer service and that is a winning combination for me. I am here to stay! Thanks SMCU for all you do!

  Daria S.

Too much controversy. I would always check my account on-line to make sure my pay check was posted before paying my bills. My bank would then post my payments ahead of my automatic deposit. That made it look as tho I didn’t have enough money in my account to cover the bills I just paid.

  Jan H.

Unethical practices, holding deposits for local banks for 3-4 business days to prompt overdrawn fees, hidden fees, etc!

  Jamie H.

I left my old bank because I never got to talk to an actual person, in my time zone. I had to make sure I called as soon as I woke up to get a hold of someone on Eastern Standard time before lunch.

  Tara W.

I have always wanted to belong to a family and I started with you slow and you made me feel safer than all thoes years at the ‘bank’. thank you all who work at SMCU.

  Charles D.

I intentionally left my bank many years ago and see no reason to ever go back to one!

  Melanie G.

During my college years, I went through a number of banks in several college towns, none of them with the kind of service that inspired any loyalty. When I was hired in the City, the first thing I did was join the credit union. Been a proud member since 1983.

  Mike N.

Now that I’m with SMCU, I feel like my money is finally safe.

  Marvin L.

I left my bank because I did not like service I got. Been with the credit union since.

  Larry W.

I worked for Washington Mutual for two years, and could no longer bear their pure obsession with customer retention, doing the bear minimum to make money and keep customers with out actually caring about them. So I quit my job and joined a credit union, and I’ve been happy ever since : )

  Lani B.

One of the reasons I left my bank, was for the long holds on my deposits.

  An C.

When I started working for city light,it was the right thing to do!!and city credit union would come to the north service center and cash your checks on payday,that was great customer service,and you still have great custumer service 25 years later!!!

  Terry M.

…It took me a year to pay off both accounts and one was with SMCU, and I went through some terrible temp assignments to earn and save money… So SMCU continued to work with me and never closed my account. The other bank did … but I thought if they don’t want my business, fine. No bank since then. Just SMCU.

  Peju O.

My bank in Texas left a sour taste in my mouth. Despite having good credit and a checking account, multiple banks would not approve my auto loan for a car more than 4 years old. I was then recommended to find a good credit union. And boy did I! It’s been nothing but pleasant experiences with credit unions and SMCU is the best I’ve seen yet! Genuine service, helpful associates, generous and fair credit cards or car loans. I no longer feel like I’m being nickle-and-dimed at every turn- I’ll never go back to a big bank again!

  Jessica B.

I just got tired of being charged big money in fees every time I bounced a check.

  Laura R.

I never left my bank, you have been my bank since 1968, it is 2009, do the math. I have always been given great service, I live in Alaska now, when I call the tellers, nine times out of ten they recognize my voice, pretty good I think. But I have worked for the city for almost 40 years. The credit union always helped when I was in need, strikes, sickness etc. I will continue with you for the rest of my life. Thank you.

  Richard S.

They weren’t open on Saturdays.

  Ed C.

My experience with banks has always been that they are not my partners whose mission is to protect my money, but rather greedy businesses that set out to do everything they can to separate me from my money – and my experienced has only worsened over the years to the point I hate banks with a passion. My experience with SMCU has been good, and I have no doubt that credit unions are a better alternative to banks – any bank. Banks seem to exist only to make themselves a profit without any concern for the welfare of their clients and people. I will choose any credit union over any bank any day.

  Ricardo P.

Customer service was very poor at my previous bank. The team at SMCU is fabulous! Very friendly, helpful and patient.

  Christine W.

It has been such a long time since I left my bank and went to SMCU but I don’t miss it and I wouldn’t change to a bank again. I love the credit union and it is all I need. It is a great place to place your money and trust.

  Joan B.

I left intentionally, no I ran intentionally away from my bank because I did not trust them anymore!

  Kelly T.

I left my bank because it was not personal, charged fees that were way high and just not friendly. I joined this credit union in 1970 and the folks were nice and cared about me and my life. I would stuff my money in a coffee can before I’d go back to a bank.

  Donald M.

My old bank had completely changed. The blue scene made me a little uncomfortable…I HAD to leave!

  Awa S.

Our old bank changed ownership and decided that they needed to hit us with fees without warning – you know, the kind that just show up on your statement without much of an explanation.

  Corey M.

I always thought bank fees were normal until I realized that they were charging me for checking my account… thats when I left and never looked back. SMCU has been a great relief and the employees are always so nice and willing to help.

  Jose C.

The incident that made me leave was when one of their Customer Service reps advised me that an outstanding check that hadn’t cleared after 6 months would not be cashed (according to their policy) so no need to pay the stop fee. 3 months later, the check cleared, overdrawing my account and they tacked on even more fees. Even though it was foolish on my part, I resented receiving conflicting advice.I love being a SMCU member.

  Sara B.

I have always been a member of SMCU. The atmosphere at the local branches makes you feel right at home. I am glad that I have never had to change banks, and I never will.

  Aaron Y.

I left my old financial institution, which was a Savings & Loan, when I started working for SMCU. Before the Savings & Loan, I had regular bank accounts. I no longer work for SMCU, but continue to keep my money at SMCU because of the convenience, customer service, and loyalty to the customers. I am tired of the big bank turnovers and shakeups, fees, and most especially, customer disservice! SMCU, thanks for keeping up the great service!

  Arriz A.

Four years ago I was selected to be The Executor of my late Aunt’s Estate. Our dear Aunt had a number of accounts, including two at traditional banks, and one, thank goodness, at The Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union. In my attempts to work with each institution to fulfill the wishes of the Estate, the traditional banks created more ‘roadblocks’ and acted like each account belonged to them rather than The Estate. Conversely, when I visited the Northgate Branch of SMCU, the staff was personal, willing, cooperative, creative, and helpful in every step. I immediately transferred all bank and other institutional accounts to The Seatlle Metropolitan Credit Union. I am so thankful for you all! If I lived in Seattle, my personal business would be with SMCU!

  Larry I.

I really like how friendly SMCU staff are. I normally go the the City Hall branch and they know be my name already there. I like a small bank.

  Barbara B.

Outgrew my need to be treated like a commodity……and I mean this, literally.

  Robert T.

My former bank can now only offer 0.1 (zero-point-one) percent interest. Oop!

  Fred H.

I have had an account at Bank of America for well over 20 years, mainly for the convenience of having a branch nearby when traveling (in or out of state). They didn’t seem to care that I had been with them for a long duration (and even took care of my father’s accounting needs at their bank), and they never seemed to know me when I went into the local branch office. SMCU has alway had a friendly attitude with everyone! With online banking, online bill paying, debit cards, estatements, etc, at SMCU, the need for another bank account dissolved, and it was a happy day when I closed the BoA account. I have been extremely pleased with my experiences at SMCU and will continue to use this local service!

  Patsy S.

I have never left you nor will I ever leave you even though I live 1/2 year in Portland and 1/2 year in Arizona. I joined in 1962 and you have been perfect.

  Jay E.

I left the ‘big banking system’ a couple of years ago for SMCU, a community-based, not-for-profit institution that offers better interest rates and real customer services without fees! That’s what banking should be.

  Robert C.

…She said that their policy was their policy, regardless of whether it was their error. So I thanked her and immediately closed my accounts. When we were done, I informed her of the substantial gift amount I’d recieved from my grandmother and had intended to deposit. Her tune immediately changed.Mine didn’t.I walked up to SMCU and opened the first of my accounts there. We’ve been there ever since and have always enjoyed their excellent customer service and friendly attitude. I will never bank with a bank again.

  Justin A.

My work was associated with SMCU and at one point I was banking with SMCU and 3 other regular banks. One by one the other banks dropped from my list and the credit union has proved to be the most useful and reliable. I have one other account with another credit union now….

  David H.

I left my old bank because I no longer wanted to be treated like ‘just a number’. I love the friendly service I receive from SMCU and I’m here to stay.

  Cindy G.

I believe in supporting local businesses and my friend highly recommended SMCU. All added up for a change.

  Kenny A.

Simply that they took federal funds to cover their lending mistakes then turned around and raised fees and other charges to cover their lending mistakes. The final straw was when they also came out in loud support against any revision to the consumer lending regulations. Enough was Enough!

  Neil B.

I knew I had to leave my bank after not one, but multiple deposits were posted as withdrawals! Each time it happened I had to spend a lot of time and effort explaining to them why I needed to be refunded the amount x2 to make up for their mistake.

  Lacey H.

I left my bank because of the customer service, they treated like I was a stranger. I didn’t feel like it was my bank. …My other bank was not kid friendly and they weren’t very family oriented, being family oriented is a major bonus. I would have all my family members bank in the same institution versus somewhere else. …Thank you, I love Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union!

  Channa D.

i left cause my bank took too long to post transactions to my account

  Mitchell H.

I have been with SMCU for many years. They have always been very helpful. Whenever I call for any reason the issues are resolved the same day.

  Elaine D.

SMCU is very close to my work place has branches in locations i can reach easily gives very good servicestaff gives very good advice get good interest.

  Mahalakshmi S.

After being a customer for 32 years at B of A, they upped their min. saving limit and started charging me a monthly fee. I left.

  Jan B.

I intentionally left my bank because the customer service was lacking, and the loan rates could not match SMCU! I am so happy with my 3.99% car loan!

  Carrie F.

My one and only previous bank was with Washington Mutual (the friend of the family) since I was in 1st grade and we had passport books and someone from the bank came every week to take our deposits into our savings account. As a ‘loyal’ customer, I had grown up w/ WaMu and was very nervous last year with the changes in the economy, the new Chase owners, and all the personnel changes I witnessed at my local branch. I knew that I had to change banks and had a good experience w/ SMCU with my car loan. Switching banks, was a piece of cake and I will continue my loyality w/ SMCU from now on.

  Shirley W.

After being very displeased with Bank of America’s poor customer service, I decided to look for another bank to help me with my auto loan. SMCU not only had great rates, but outstanding customer service. I’d like to thank Heather G in the downtown Seattle branch for being very helpful at answering all my questions and making the loan process a lot less stressful. Thank you!

  Nathan S.

I banked with a large bank formally known as Seafirst for over ten years. …During the process of rebuilding my credit after a divorce and bankruptcy, the large bank would not help me with anything. I felt as though the long term relationship that I had with that bank had been completely forgotten. …My girlfriend convinced me to join SMCU. They welcomed me with open arms and took over my auto loan and credit card. …With SMCU’s help my credit is stellar again in short amount of time. Thank you SMCU, you never turned your back me like that other bank.

  Toby E.

I left my bank because of fees and extra charges for services that should have been provided with my account. …They were doing some unethical practice such as allowing transactions with larger amounts to go through first and let the smaller amount to go afterward so that if my account is overdrawn, they can charge a fee. Their fees seem to go up every year.

  Nara V.

I left my bank because of the impersonal and poor customer service.

  Hugh K.

I changed banks on a regular basis just to try and find some connection and customer service. I was tired of banks merging and feeling like no one knew I was already a customer when I walked through the door. SCMU has great customer service and this is why I stay a member.

  Sherry Y.

My bank was inflexible, unapproachable and charged me for everything from my checking account to banking in person.

  Cheryl T.

I enjoy the service; friendliness; efficiency of all your personnel at SMCU. They are extremely dedicated to their customers. This is I think, the ‘key’ to excellent customer satisfaction. Thanks

  Elma F.

I got tired of how banks became impersonal and dealing being transferred to different people before they can address an issue or approve a loan or credit card. We have been banking with SMCU for several years and have no problems getting loans and questions answered. They make you feel that you are part of a family and follow-up with you to make sure everything went through to your satisfaction.

  Belinda R..

They seem to embody that old slogan applied to the telephone company monopoly: ‘We don’t care, we don’t have to!’ I’ve left 2 banks: BofA and when it was still around, Rainier. Now, CitiBank has left me. I have a stellar on-time payment record for my Visa cards with them. Yet, just last month, they informed me they were unilaterally raising my interest rate to 29.99%, variable! I thought it must have been a mass mailer and there was some mistake! When I called, they said no, it wasn’t. …The only recourse to protect my current interest rates was to opt out and close the account, so I did!

  Leslie B.

My former bank was a local bank. They got greedy and forgot about the folks. Because of their greed and mismanagement they no longer exist. If they weren’t looking out for their own future then I cannot trust that they will look out for mine. I switched to Seattle Metro because they are a home grown credit union that cares about the folks.

  Josette M.

Years ago… I decided to be part of a consumer owned credit union which was tied to my community. We elect the board; the credit union operates for OUR benefit not some distant shareholders. It was a great choice! I travel and have access to my funds at ATM’s around the world. That’s another plus.

  Martha L.

I get higher interest on my savings and lower interest on my loans. The banks don’t offer anything I need that I can’t get at the credit union so what’s the point. I have not used a bank in almost 40 years.

  Annmarie C.

I moved my accounts to the credit union due to the customer service. The bank tellers call me by my first name, and service all my banking needs!

  Bob J.

Back in the day, I joined Bank One out of the Chicago Area. Then shortly later it became Chase. I moved to Florida, WaMu was the bank up the street. Joined them, a year later moved to Seattle, WaMu became Chase. …SMCU isn’t going anywhere, their rates are better, and it’s all still free. Thank You SMCU.

  Dominic M.

I left Bank of America shortly after I began to learn about the U.S. banking financial crisis. Also, I had begun to experience a number of security breaches to my account with this bank that were poorly handled by branch managers and staff. Many of B of A’s very public PR disasters (executive bonus scandals, etc.) also influenced my decision to leave the bank. The last straw for me was receiving notice of increased and excessive monthly service charges.

  Janet S.

They charged too much for overdraft fees and were more interested in taking my money than keeping me as a customer. When they wouldn’t work with me anymore, I decided to leave.

  Doug T.

I have not left my other bank yet, I am going to along with my SMCU saving add a checking account. I prefer the friendliness and smiles at SMCU. THANK YOU FOR BEING ALL YOU ARE!!!

  Judy S.

I left my bank because when I went in to get a car loan they said I had to go home and call the 800 number or apply on-line and they would get back to me. At SMCU I walked in, talked to someone and left with a car loan and a smile on my face.

  Brad H.

I left the banking world for the credit union world years ago because I was treated like a nonentity.

  Craig G.

Overdraft fees would not be removed on a error that was not my falt. Billing company charged wrong amount and faxed letter to bank explaining. Bank still made me pay $35.00, twice.

  Sara M.

I was unable to receive a checking account there..because of some credit problems and they acted like they did not care to help me. However the credit union I now have..has not only helped figure how to repair the most important problems. I now have a checking account. Thank You SMCU.

  Tina H.

It might have been due to the exorbitant fees and high interest loans that just kept climbing and climbing or it might have been due to the lack of customer service at my previous bank. Suffice it to say SMCU solved both of these problems with their excellent customer service, low loan rates, and minimal fees.

  Shane A.

I was tired of the constant changes in ‘rules’ and tactics to gain a new customer base. I felt the bank was always so desperate for new clients that they didn’t consider how their marketing would annoy current customers.

  Michelle G.

I had an ATM-only account and had to pay extra if I wanted to talk to a teller for any reason whatsoever. I thought it might be nice to actually be able to deal with a human rather than a machine all the time. I am so used to using ATMs that I have to remind myself I can come inside SMCU and have a teller help me!!

  Nance A.

I have found pleasure in supporting more local businesses and ones that actually care about their customers. When my bank collapsed I figured, hey, maybe i can support a local bank! And here I am. Local Credit Unions make everything better!

  Bryan T.

Honestly, I just dont dig dealing with big bank protocol. There is no personability and no desire to view their customers as people over account numbers and balances. I have always been given prompt personal consideration in my past experiences with credit unions and so far Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union affords me that same service. I appreciate that.

  Michael B

I left the mega-super-bank because they are impersonal and do not meet the needs of the blue collar worker. . . Join a credit union… they are members of the human race… like we are!

  David W.

I left the banks I used to do business with because of poor customer care & service, high fees, the infexiible attitudes and rigidness.

  Joyce R.

I could never get a live person. When I did I found out my signature cards (among other things) had been lost and no one seemed to care. I could not even find anyone to complain to! They told me since I had changed addresses I had to have my checks mailed to them and then they lost them! It took two weeks and two of us badgering them to find the lost checks. I had had it and closed the accounts.

  Elizabeth F.

I left my bank because they charged me monthly for a check plus program (get my checks for free) then when I ordered my checks they charged me $60 and overdrafted my account, after my little purchases went through the bank I was overdrafted a little over $200 with all the fees. When I went into bank to fix the mistake (they refused to fix it on the phone) they acted like it was their money and I was ripping them off. They did not want to give me my money and take overdraft charges off, I had to threaten to get a lawyer to get it fixed.

  Lynda D.

I used to bank at an international ‘big bank’ because my parents did. I didn’t know there was anything better out there. When my bank reduced the interest rate on my savings account to less than half a percent, I decided it was time to find a ‘bank’ that wanted to help me grow my savings. What I found was SMCU with an interest rate which made my previous interest rate look like pocket change. SMCU has an awesome staff and wants to help its members be successful in their financial goals. I will be a credit union-er for life.

  April J.

Bank? What’s a bank? I’ve been with SMCU for 20 years.

  S. Miles

The fees and impersonal service were enough to make me leave, but what really made me go was visiting the credit union almost 14 years ago and being able to speak to people who were personable and cared about my business. I now live out of state and bank easily at member credit unions. I’ll never go back to impersonal, high fees again. Thanks so much for all that you’ve done for me.

  Sara B.

I actually did not leave any bank in the last 25 years. I closed personal savings account and consolidated it under my main account number, thus simplifying my banking…all at the good advice of Heather Gosovich, Downtown SMCU.

  Vince L.

I was tired of being told one thing on the phone and once I got my statement seeing a totally different result! I finally said, enough is enough!!

  Tina D.

We moved our checking account about 20 years ago. Their fees were ridiculous, and they just kept going up. Every time you blinked, they upped the fee or charged some ridiculous amount for some ‘service’.

When it came time for a home loan, years ago, we couldn’t qualify for the CU loan, so we had to go to a bank. We had to deal with mountains of paperwork and waited months for someone to say grace over our application for a second mortgage for a major upgrade to our home. Seems it was vacation time, and there was no back up for the person who had to approve and process our loan.

We switched our mortgage to the credit union as soon as we were eligible to do so and haven’t regretted it for a moment.

  Kathleen S.

I left my bank because I was being charged a fee for everything I spoke to a customer representative. At SMCU I don’t get charged for speaking to a real person.

  Soledad P.

Better loan and savings rates at CU. I feeel they have my best interests in mind, not their bottom line. There is a bump-up feature on CD rates that is great. Customer service is polite and efficient.

  Diane S.

My bank didn’t do anything wrong, there is just no way a huge corporation like that can compete with the personalized sevice and friendly atmosphere at Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union.

  James K..

Two reasons. One, they changed my account policies several times, as it suited them, never to my benefit. Two, while I was overseas, they put a stop on my card, even though they had ample evidence that I was traveling. It seems as though they, Bank of America, is just too big to be able operate with their customers in mind.

  Matthew P.

It was obvious they were in business to make money from the account holders, not to help them.

  Natalie J.

I opened my account with Washington Mutual in Florida, not long before moving to Washington. …They assured me that since they had branches nationwide, moving wouldn’t present any future difficulties….To my surprise, there proved to be one problem after another. My husband not being on the account meant we couldn’t deposit checks in his name into my account, even with him being with me and having ID in hand – no exceptions. He couldn’t sign checks over to me, either. The account having been opened in Florida meant that any reaching for records older than the current month had to go through a special office who never answered the phone.

Then Chase took over WaMu and added a whole NEW layer of complexity. I had my funds cut off from being available at all at one point because of trying to take more than $200 out from an ATM…This convinced me that my banking future wouldn’t be with Chase.

  Fey B.

I thought you’d never ask! I left my bank because … after I deposited my first paycheck from my new job (it was a Friday) and before my direct deposited had been fully processed … the ATM broke! Okay, equipment failure happens. However, the attitude and arrogance of the bank to care or try to help or to simply retrieve my check or do anything except shrug their shoulders and tell me ‘Sorry, you’ll have to wait ’til Monday or Tuesday for your check to be processed.’ I had been unemployed for awhile by that time and my available funds were down to about $2 so this was almost inconceivable, except that it wasn’t. Even explaining and talking to the manager and made no difference. I survived but as soon as that check was processed, I withdrew my money and left that bank!

  Linda J.

I have been a credit union member since 2006 but held onto an old account at BofA for convenience and because I had a credit line there. Recently, I received a low balance credit card offer in the mail and thought I might consolidate some debt. It turned out to be a product offered by BofA. They turned me down for the low interest credit line that they had offered me in their promotion. Annoyed, I paid off the BofA credit card. Once I had paid it off, they CLOSED my account, after I had paid on time for three years without ever missing a payment! At that point I closed out my checking account with them. Why be insulted by your financial institution after you pay all of your bills on time?

  Mark S.

I left my bank because of the fees. I wrote a check to my mom and since she didn’t have an account, they charged her a fee. The worst part is they didn’t tell her about it until after the teller counted out the cash. My mom had to ask why she got less than the check!!

  Kelly L.

I’m in the process of leaving my bank because of high credit card interest rates, poor service and the feeling that they put profits ahead of people.

  Gary M.

Because they were charging too much for services fees, they will hold my checks always for at least 3 days even if they were paychecks. They will post deposits intentionally later to be able to charge late fees. It was terrible and I had 2 banks I had to leave. Thanks.

  Isabel P.

I’ve been a credit union member since 1971. I learned then that the major banks were indifferent to serving small customers like me. It was a happy day when I discovered our credit union.

  Ed G.

I got sick and tired of my former bank(s) stealing my money! They intentionally ‘fee’ customers until you have nothing left. SMCU does not do this and has KILLER CUSTOMER SERVICE. Thank you SMCU!

  Don R.

They never have cash on hand.

  Jesse K.

I left my bank because of the additional fees, the charges for every service but most of all because they now hold all out of state checks for 5 days. We have IRA funds directly deposited and sometimes need additional funds from those accounts. These are the checks the bank holds for 5 days. Ridiculous!

  Margaret C.

In addition to the usual complaints (fees, service, etc.), I finally left my bank after they deactivated my ATM card without telling me or telling me why and then refused to tell me if/when/how it would be reactivated.

  Christiana B.

Better rates on loans, CDs, Money Market accounts, and a more user friendly bill payer system etc;

  Thomas G.

I came to SMCU and left my bank because you offered better rates and customer service. I was pleasantly surprised how easy and smooth it was to get a car loan and set up a savings/checking/credit account with you guys.

  Enoch L.

I left my bank because it failed and was bought out by another big bank. I decided to come to SMCU because they’re local and they treat me like a person, not like a number!

  Abby G.

I definitely intentionally left my bank. Washington Mutual’s customer service has plummeted over the years. They were unrecognizable even before they were taken over by Chase. However, when they did become Chase, I knew I stayed too long. I want to support my local community & local economy, I’m glad we have the option locally to work with SMCU. Thanks!

  Sprout H.

We left our bank because of the terrible customer service, impersonal service, and the feeling that our business really never mattered to them. Then of course there were all the fees charged to just have an account with them…..paying them to use OUR money just didn’t make sense after awhile.

  Mark M.

With all of the huge banks in America, it is hard to find one that is personable and still professional. I left my previous bank because of the horrible interest rates, as well as acting severely unprofessional at every turn. SMCU has made banking easier and a much more pleasant experience!

  Annie V.

While dealing with the banks I always asked myself where is the profit going? Why such high interest rates? Whatever happened to (real) personalized service? I finally decided this that’s not for me….Profits at the credit union get return back to their members in the form of lower interest rates…and higher dividends. …I love the personalized service, feedback, great information and professional interchange I receive from the great staff. Thumbs up for the credit union….

  Rebecca D.

The customer service is horrible at my old bank. Nothing like the customer service at SMCU. At SMCU I feel like I am the only one in the building when I walk in because the agents focus on me and my issues.

  David S.

The customer service wasn’t focused around me as the customer. They were really unfriendly and it seemed as though they didn’t care if I banked with them or not. Plus the ‘accidentally’ tacked on a few extra monthly charges in error, and only fixed them when I noticed.

  Jamie S.

I left because I needed a small business account without outrageous fees attached and LARGE minimum deposit requirements. I was happy to find that SMCU has a free, dividend earning business checking and savings account with no balance requirement. So awesome! SMCU business accounts rock!

  Lana S.

Fees and more fees. I got charged $5 per ATM while out of US while my friends got charged nothing by their banks. Then I applied for an auto loan and was refused. I could get an auto loan anywhere but from my own bank? That was the last straw.

  Kenneth F.

I left my old bank because it was so impersonable. Now I like going to the Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union, where everybody knows my name!

  Melven J.

Couldn’t get checking balances in phone calls.

  Sarah S.

After Bank of America was bailed out, they raised their fee amounts, and the amount of overdrafts you could be charged per day was DOUBLED (from 5 to 10), plus they added an Overdraft Account fee. I wanted to have a checking account at a financial institution that wouldn’t be taking out their losses on their customers – and credit unions have much better rates!

  Erin O.

SMCU offered better rates, local money and customer services that was accessible both in person, over the phone, and by email (contrary to most larger U.S banks).

  Fredrik A.

I used to work for them and felt ‘loyalty’ plus a 40 year banking history but I resent their fee practices and the fact they took federal money (ours) to bail themselves out of their own business mess not mention the dishonorable manner in which they treated a family member with a business a/c in excellent standing (at the corporate level.) I have had a SMCU savings since I was about 20 and now I am moving all of my deposits to SMCU along with our new mortgage.

  Jody B.

I got tired of all the extra fees that I was assessed for previously free services. The bank kept nickel and diming me till I got smart and jumped to Seattle Metropolitan.

  Jonathan M.

I left my bank because I hated their web site. To get help was like pulling teeth (very painful). I do most of my banking online or by mail and your site is very good and well protected. Thank you.

  Betty D.

I left because my bank was bought out by another bank. I prefer to make my own decision about where I bank. I also want to put my money in a local bank! I love Feel Good Checking!

  John M.

I intentionally left my bank because I was constantly treated like a stranger. That’s not a place I want to keep my money.

  Nicole M.

…because it lost customer service, increased the number and type of fees and it could not service my accounts.

  Zarko T.

I left a regular bank when I lived in another state and switched over to a credit union because I was tired of the fees, service and big business mentality. …When I moved to Seattle I was determined to find a great credit union I could belong to here. Thanks to a friend’s suggestion I found SMCU and have been happy ever since.

  Karen S.

Leaving bofa. Branch service has been fine, but they have been incredibly unhelpful and really unethical in dealing with our loans. Leaving after 10+ years. Can’t wait to day goodbye.

  Jeemy D.

After losing my job in November of 08, *!*!@!@ Bank of America started charging me a monthly fee because I no longer had direct deposit. I called up and pitched a fit, and they told me there was absolutely nothing they could do over the phone, and that I’d have to come in in person to switch my account to a no-fee account. I told them that if they were going to force me to come into the bank just to switch over my account, I’d close it, and I did. You guys are so much better!

  Devin G.

Trust. I just never trusted the mega-big banks but have great trust in the small member driven credit unions. Been with credit union everywhere I lived since 1977.

  Lynn H.

My bank was bought out by an East Coast Bank. It canceled my kids’ school banking program, pulled out of sponsoring local community events and fired most local employees, leaving gaping holes in the local economy and downtown office rental market. …It then proceeded to advertise around Seattle in a condescending manner, implying that we’ve never had a good bank. After twenty years I decided to put my money back where it belongs: in the community.

  Greg W.

I never left SMCU—who’s spreading lies??

  William A.

I left my bank because they would loan money to buy a boat but not a motorcycle. SMCU has the best loan rate for motorcycles bar none!

  Claire S.

I was with one of the really big banks and was reasonably content. I moved to SMCU because my friends’ experiences made it seem like the credit union is more focused on the customer’s needs. My experience for the last couple of years has definitely proven that to be true! I believe SMCU when I am referred to as a ‘Valued Customer.’

  Angela D.

For a long time I have had the ethic of reducing my consumption of big-business, mass-market crap – that means shopping locally owned, small businesses that I can have a connection with and feel good about the circuit my money travels. So WHY on earth was I still letting my money flow through a bank? Banks are some of the biggest businesses in the world. It just didn’t make sense. Switching to SMCU makes me feel like my money ‘starts’ and ‘ends’ at a really good place.

  Shelly L.

I left years ago because of the lack of personal attention, high fees and constant name changes or buy-outs.

  Mika I.

I was tired of that, you know, soul sucking feeling I got from my previous bank. SMCU is so dang easy to work with … my soul thanks you.

  Doug R.

Because my parents have been with your bank for years. All of my children and friends join us also . My kids and family love the credit union. I will continue to recommend SMCU!

  Nicole B.

I was with Washington Mutual (now Chase). I was a very good customer had never had any problem until late 2008 when some kind of error happened to a deposit. The account balance was overdrawn and even though I’ve never had any overdraft problem with them in the past they made it very hard for me to get an adjustment and also took me a long time to get the situation resolved.

  Roy C.

I left my bank because the bank would not cash my cashier’s check from my mother for a down payment to buy my first house. Then I said I wanted to close my account and the manager hassled me and told me everything was a big misunderstanding. I made a big scene only to get my OWN money out of the bank.

  Brandi D.

I never liked the megabanks. It wasn’t so bad when we had locally owned banks (remember Rainier Bank?), but when Seattle First National (aka Seafirst) was gobbled up by a megabank, it was time to change. Too many fees. Too many restrictions. Credit Unions are just sooooooo much better for the customer!

  Josheph R.

We were banking with WaMu and had gotten such a run-around with them supposedly fixing our account due to errors that had been made on their part that we thought ‘Wait! We have a loan with SMCU! Let’s move to them!’ Once our account was fixed, we closed it out and let them know we were leaving to go to SMCU. That was the best decision we’ve made for banking! Credit Unions are the only way to go.

  Lori B.

After years of being charged for writing to many checks or not enough checks and for talking to someone to ask about the charges we found SMCU… I’ve never been so happy… and have never had a complaint in the years I’ve been with them. I often wonder how banks can continue to be in business with the way they treat their customers, I guess some aren’t in business any more, but that’s another story. Thanks SMCU for everything

  Keith S.

I left my bank because it (Washington Mutual) had such a role in the whole subprime mortgage catastrophe. The bank went bust, the CEOs made millions, employees lost their retirement funds, and people all over the country lost their homes.

  Luke M.

I left my former bank…because everything was black and white, and the fact that life happiness never matters with them. Once I realized that they wouldn’t refund the bank fees they charged me under any circumstance, I decided that the only recourse I had was to simply leave. I’ve never been happier!! I won!

  Serena K.

I had been with my old bank for many years, they used to be nice, helpful and not charge me every time I turned around. The past few years I can’t even think about them without them taking money out of my account and putting in theirs for some reason, I think the statement had a line item ‘Customer Thought About us Fee, $10.00′. Then…they were taken over by an East Coast based Bank. More charges…and higher fees! Luckily I found a ‘Real’ ‘Honest’ bank with great rates! Thanks SMCU! You guy’s Rock!

  Greg B.

I think my story is common among us credit unioners. I was with a bank who got bought up by a bigger bank, who got bought by a bigger bank. After they messed up a deposit to my checking account I asked to speak to a manager, but no one was available to speak to me. So I closed out my account and walked on over to my local credit union. That was many years ago and I’ve never banked with a ‘bank’ since.

  Cynthia C.

I left my bank because of the many fees that they have. Their customer service was not that great and I didn’t feel that comfortable banking there.

  Lamia B.

Nope, didn’t INTENTIONALLY leave…JOYFULLY left as I finally paid off my car loan!! SMCU is the BEST bank, Left or Right, and I would JOYFULLY join the SMCU ‘flock’ again should I ever need any kind of loan!! Vive la Difference!

  Mauny K.

I was sick of the fees. It seemed just about every other day I was getting a new letter about fees going up. Not to mention it was hard to keep up with what the banks name was.

  Kimberly M.

I left my big, bad bank because someone stole my bank card and subsequently $2000 from my ATM when I was travelling. My bank claimed that withdrawing $2000 was ‘common activity’ for me and didn’t reimburse me.

  Michele F.

My husband and I decided to leave our bank when it collapsed during the recent financial crisis. It’s not that we have huge savings and investments (we don’t)… what drove us to finally make the credit union leap was the realization that if we managed our money the way the bank was managing it’s money, we would be in prison!…With the SMCU, we know our money is being handled ethically!

  Ingrid J.

I left my bank because of the fees they tacked onto my account, the unfriendly (big bank) service and the terrible interest rate on my credit card and savings account.

  Joshua G.

My bank was OK, but I always try to shop local so I moved my account to a local Seattle credit union. SMCU has been great!

  Sunyoung H.

I have to admit, I’ve never left a bank. When I was 18 my grandmother co-signed for me on my first car loan at her credit union. Then came my first checking account and my first credit card and finally, my first home loan (eeeek!). I’ve only used credit unions so I don’t know what it’s like to leave a bank, but I bet it feels amazing.

  Anne J.

A few months ago I … applied for a car loan through my current bank which was US Bank at the time. I was denied as I was denied several times before for a Credit Card. I had banked with US Bank for over 5 years and I felt as if they didn’t trust me enough.

So, I decided to give SMCU a try and I was approved almost instantly for the car loan with an awesome rate. At that point I decided to go ahead and transfer my banking to SMCU. I applied for a credit card and was approved instantly for that as well.

I have to say that changing my bank has changed the way I bank. Thank you SMCU.

  Cammi R.

…I was happy to see that the credit union listed its 7 principles on its website and that they were all key ideals that set the credit union apart from the big banks. I had found a financial institution that shared my belief that its products and services should benefit the member. I made the choice to move my money out of banks and am now a proud member of and an advocate for SMCU.

  Josh H.

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