November 21st, 2013

Meet our 2014 Feel Good Checking Partners!


Over the last four weeks, you nominated more than 30 non-profit organizations to be our 2014 Feel Good Checking partners. SMCU reviewed each one of these amazing organizations and narrowed it down to a list of 21 finalists, including our 2013 partners who were up for re-election. The finalists went before a public vote to determine the winners. In each of the 7 categories, the organization that got the highest number of votes was named a new partner.

The winners are…

Northwest Harvest – provides nutritious food to hungry people statewide in a manner that respects their dignity, while fighting to eliminate hunger. With a network of more than 360 food banks, meal programs, and high-need schools, they provide more than 1.7 million meals every month.

New Beginnings – creates awareness around the issue of domestic violence and provides opportunities for individuals and organizations to take action to build communities free of abuse. They change attitudes and institutions that foster and perpetuate violence through violence prevention education in Seattle middle schools, community training, and outreach events.

Zero Waste Washington – is championing a responsible approach to the “stuff” we use and the resources that go into making it, and has been the catalyst for breakthrough waste prevention and recycling programs in Washington for over 30 years. They are now collaborating on a neighborhood sharing project to model zero waste at the community level and are working for more recycling of toxic or hard-to-manage products such as fluorescent lights, carpet, and children’s car seats.

We’d like to welcome back our 2013 partners who have been re-elected:

PAWS – is an organization dedicated to the welfare of all kinds of animals. They work to place companion animals into good homes and provide medical assistance and rehabilitation for injured wildlife, so they can be returned to their natural habitats.

Seattle Children’s Theatre – provides children of all ages access to professional theatre, building a lifelong interest in the arts. Their programs focus on theatre education and empower young people to make new discoveries about themselves and the world around them.

Lifelong AIDS Alliance – empowers people living with or at risk of HIV or AIDS and other chronic conditions to lead healthier lives. They provide health insurance so people can get the care they need, cook and deliver healthy meals, and ensure people have a safe place to live.

Youth in Focus – is an organization with a mission to empower urban youth, through photography, to make positive choices for their lives. They provide free photography classes designed to build a sense of self-worth, social skills, artistic sensibility, and self-expression.

We’re excited to work with these wonderful organizations in the coming year. They will receive donations from the Feel Good Checking program beginning January 1, 2014.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Checking for Change campaign by nominating organizations, voting, and spreading the word.

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