October 19th, 2011

Meet One of Our Owners – Brian Haner

Brian HanerBrian Haner is the CEO & Founder of Image Source (imagesourceteam.com), one of the 50 largest promotional marketing agencies in the nation. We recently had a moment to sit down with Mr. Haner to hear his story and learn more about SMCU’s role in his success.

How did your relationship with Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union start?

When my wife and I were married in 1991, we had to get a small loan to pay for our wedding, and my grandfather had been a member, since he was a Seattle Police Officer back in the late 40’s. He recommended that we get our loan with Seattle Metropolitan. We’ve been members of SMCU since 1991, and now many of my family members do their banking with you as well. We bank at your Kirkland Branch.

How has SMCU impacted your business?

When I founded Image Source in 1996, I started the business out of the upstairs bedroom of my house. I ran it pretty much on my own in that bedroom for nearly two years. In 1998, when I finally made the decision to expand and needed a loan to help fund the expansion, SMCU worked closely with me to fund a home equity loan so I could have the capital necessary to lease an office in Bellevue and ramp up production.

Now, after 13 year in business, our headquarters have moved again to Kirkland, we have 24 employees, and are now major player when it comes to providing many companies, both in the Pacific Northwest and nationally, with branded merchandise and corporate apparel. It’s been a great ride getting to this point and I’m confident that we wouldn’t be where we are today without Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union.

What makes Image Source different?

Image Source takes an agency approach with our clients, as we work closely with them as partners, not just vendors, to find the perfect merchandise solutions and programs that are directly aligned with their company’s marketing, branding and advertising goals. In addition to merchandise, we can now also offer fulfillment, inventory management, graphic design, distribution, importing, special packaging and other marketing services. We have access to thousands of promotional products and apparel brands from our global supply chain.

You could probably use any financial institution, what is it that you like about SMCU?
My experience at SMCU has been great, as they always treat me like a five-star customer. I’ve gotten to know the gang at the Kirkland Branch over the years… Kanani, Kesley and Jordan. They are all awesome to work with. Any time that I’ve needed a car loan, a credit card and a home equity loan, they have always come through for me.

Brian continues to use the credit union for his personal banking needs and is considering moving him business accounts here as well. SMCU is proud to call Brian Haner one of our owners.

One Response

  1. Gloria B. says:

    SMCU Opened my bank account when I was at my lowest and could not open an account with the largest bank in our state a couple of years ago. I am on low income and can do the things most people can with an account with SMCU.
    Thank you SMCU.