July 9th, 2011

Meet Our Consultative Sales Team

Did you know that Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union has a team of loan experts dedicated to assisting you with all of your loan-related needs? Did you know that they can answer any questions you have or help you close your loan without you ever setting foot in a branch? Our Consultative Sales Team (CST) are trained loan specialists who field calls from members every day. Their goal is to provide a more personalized experience and make the loan process as easy as possible. Let’s meet the team.

Kanita & Justin

When you call the credit union with a question about an auto, Visa, or personal loan, you are going to talk to one of these two. They are experts on all things consumer loan related. From questions or concerns about existing loans to current rates and vehicle values, Kanita and Justin will take care of you no matter your needs or circumstances. In addition to assisting with current loans, Kanita and Justin can also work through new loan applications with you and follow-up with you when your new loan is ready to be funded.

“Educating members on credit and making the loan process easy to understand is something I strive to do in every phone call.”

“I received an application from a non-member who wanted a better rate on her current auto loan and to get the process completed by the next day. Not only did I get the loan processed (with a better rate and monthly payment), I was able to help her better understand her credit report and the loan process. Educating members on credit and making the loan process easy to understand is something I strive to do in every phone call.” – Justin


Once your new loan application is submitted, Susann will be the one guiding you through the closing process. In a typical loan scenario, you would be handed a mountain of paperwork to read and sign before your loan can be funded. Not at SMCU. If you don’t want to come into a branch, Susann uses DocuSign (a simple and secure way to electronically sign your loan paperwork) to prepare and deliver your closing paperwork; no appointments, no traffic, no need to get out of your pajamas.

“Members love the convenience and speed of having loan funds available within hours and not having to come into a branch.”

When you’re ready to take the first step towards purchasing your next car, have questions about your current loan, or just want to ask Justin about his recent trip to Iceland, give us a call at 206.398.5500.

2 Responses

  1. Alan G. says:

    When I bought my last auto, I used a service recommended by SMCU called something like “auto solutions” and they worked very closely with SMCU. You tell them what you want and they find the auto and the best price. Do you stll recommend this company and if so, what is the correct name and the contact number.

    • SMCU says:


      Nothing makes for a better car-buying experience than having a trusted advocate walk you through it and even work with the dealer so you don’t have to. We are no longer partnering with Auto Solutions, but we will be offering this service through a new partner in about 30 days. Stay tuned for the big announcement.