March 29th, 2012

Five Great Reasons To Use eStatements. Plus, Win a Year of Netflix.

Sign up for eStatements and win a year of Netflix streaming serviceApril is Green Month at SMCU, a time to point out some of the things you can do to go a bit easier on the planet. One of the ways to cut down your environmental impact is to sign up for eStatements. If you aren’t already using eStatements, here are five great reasons to sign up today.

    1. eStatements Are More Environmentally Friendly Than Paper Statements.

From wood pulp to the electricity required to drive the paper-production and printing processes, paper statements use a great deal of natural resources. Since eStatements don’t require any paper their impact on our environment is much smaller.

    1. eStatements Are More Secure Than Paper Statements.

Identity theft is a major problem. In 2010 more than 250,000 people were victims of identity theft1. To an ID thief your mailbox represents a one-stop shop for your personal information. By signing up for eStatements you have secure online access to your statements, while protecting yourself from crooks by keeping your financial data out of your mailbox.

    1. eStatements Are More Convenient Than Paper Statements.

Avoid the clutter and hassle of paper statements. You can access 13 months of eStatements in SMCU’s Online Banking with just a few clicks. From there you can download eStatements to your personal computer for permanent storage.

    1. eStatements Are Faster Than Paper Statements.

Why wait for your paper statement to show up in the mail? Your monthly eStatement is available for viewing in the first few days of the month. That can be up to a week earlier than you would receive your paper statement. With eStatements you can balance your statement fast and get on with your life.

    1. eStatements Are Easy To Set Up

To enroll in eStatements, log into SMCU’s Online Banking and look for the eStatements link in the “Account Access” area. Follow the on-screen instructions, and you’ll be on your way to receiving your fast, easy, and secure SMCU eStatements. If you have any trouble setting up eStatements, please call us at 206-398-5500 or 800-334-2489 if you are outside of the Seattle area.

Win A Year Of Netflix

To celebrate the ease and convenience of eStatements, SMCU is giving away year-long subscriptions to Netflix’s online streaming service every week in April. Watch unlimited movies on your computer, tablet, phone and other internet-enabled devices without ever having to go to the store or the mailbox. It’s almost as easy as using SMCU’s eStatements.

Read the official rules here.

Sign Up Today

Taking care of the environment is a big part of giving back to the community, which is something we take pretty seriously. Signing up for eStatements is one easy way to go green and take advantage of the great benefits they offer.

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