June 3rd, 2010

New Services and New Website!

New services. New website.Principle #3 says rates and fees should benefit our members. You can see this principle in practice in all of Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union’s policies and operational decisions. SMCU is working hard to bring substantial improvements to our online services, while keeping expenses as low as possible to ensure continued stability. Before we could add these services, we had to convert to a new core processing system last October. We thank you for your patience during that process, and now exciting changes are on the way. You will be seeing improvements throughout the summer with the addition of services like mobile banking, easier login and password management, more educational resources, and improved help tools. Later this year we’ll be rolling out an all-new website, greatly improved through usability studies and input from SMCU members.

Principle #2 says members call the shots!

If you have any comments or thoughts about SMCU’s website, please let us know by taking .

The first change: Easier Login!

For our first change, we have made it possible to log into Online Banking with a username instead of your member number. If you have trouble remembering your member number to log in, you can now create a unique username that will be more secure and easier to remember. Give it a try! When you log into Online Banking, choose “Account Settings” at the top and then choose “Change User ID” from the list of options.

Stay tuned to learn about more improvements coming soon. If you would like to receive updates, you can follow SMCU on Twitter, Facebook or the RSS feed from the 7 Principles website.

14 Responses

  1. Karen Wells says:

    You were providing a great service on line and then you took it away! That service enabled a member to pay extra amounts towards mortgages and car loans without having to go through member services or go to a branch to make additional payments. Will this service be re-offered? I sure hope so it certainly made my banking easier and convienent!

  2. Joy Hale-Graham says:

    I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to the Credit Union. A single mother with four children with no family in the US., I worked for the City, starting in l966, bought a car and financed my chilren’s education. All this due to the wonderful help I received from the Credit Union. I cannot thank you enough.

  3. SMCU says:

    Thank you for the comment, Joy. We’re happy to help! This is exactly why SMCU is exists.

  4. SMCU says:

    Thanks for asking, Karen. We’re looking into online principal-only posts. While we work at resolving the issue, please send any special payment request in an email to our Contact Center via our Secure Online Form or give us at call at 206-398-5500 or 1-800-334-2489.

  5. A Bishop says:

    Just wanted to say as well, I have worked w/ Mary and the staff at the NGate branch and they are awesome!Always going out of there way to be helpful and courteous. Thanks everybody! : )

  6. Tram says:

    I would like to see online chat service with customer service representatives.

  7. S. Henderson says:

    I do online banking from a small laptop screen. I need to see as much of my account information as possible. I’d like to see Big banner headings and other graphics reduced or eliminated. Maybe the web designers could provide a “text only” switch. Thanks for many years of great service.

  8. Jon-Eric says:

    Glad you’ll be providing a new site soon, and as a usability consultant, I’m especially appreciative that you’ve undertaken usability testing!

    Will the new site also be quicker to display recent debit/credit transactions?


  9. Traci says:

    I wish your one-on-one customer service practices (which are pretty good by the way) translated to this website, which (forgive my language) sucks.

  10. sheila says:

    It seems to take way too long from the time of posting a bill payment until the time it is posted at the other end. Do you ever think payments will go out the same or next day from posting?

  11. Bryan Anderson says:

    I know at Prevail CU when a request is pending on your accounts they show in a pending field similar to the credit card page. This would be a nice feature for all accounts on the web page.

  12. CC says:

    Here’s an idea for a service that was offered at another bank. Washington Mutual, before being taken over by Chase, offered members a free view of their credit score. Not sure if it was from 1, 2 or an average of all 3, but would be nice to have a free service like that with my credit union.

  13. Jausen H. says:

    Thank you SMCU!! You gave me a loan when I really needed it. I was given a chance, and I am grateful. I will never be a member of a bank again. I have always been given more personable service than I ever did with the many banks I was a member of in the past. I’m always referring SMCU to friends and family.

  14. Rukh Stensaas says:

    Would love for pending transactions to be posted on the new website.. A lot of banks are doing that. Would be very beneficial in keeping track of my accounting. Also, would be nice if I could sync the new website with Splash Money Desktop.. Thank you very much. The service I receive at the Rainier Ave. branch is ALWAYS very pleasant.