March 18th, 2011

New SMCU Ads Coming to a Bus Near You

This Spring Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union is launching a new advertising campaign aimed at people who have become dissatisfied with the service they are getting from their existing bank. The ads carry the slogan, “Stop Banking. Start Believing.” The message is that people don’t have to do their banking as usual with the same old institutions, which many feel don’t keep their customers’ or community’s best interests in mind when making many of their operating decisions.

The ads let people know that hope is not lost, that there are still financial institutions, like SMCU, that care about their members and want to do right by them. Because Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union believes in the Seven Principles, they hold themselves to a higher standard of operation. As a result, members can believe that SMCU will look out for them and work to make a difference in their life.

While you are on the streets around the Seattle area you will see buses with brightly colored ads that say things like “send your bank a statement”, “change your terms before they do”, and “Stop Banking. Start Believing.” You may also see the ads in newspapers, like the Stranger, and magazines, like Seattle Magazine.

If you see any of these ads and happen to snap a picture, SMCU would love to see them. Send your digital pictures to SMCU will post the photos to their Facebook page at

Here are a few shots we’ve taken.

One Response

  1. Ron Bensley, Jr. says:

    The new advertisements are very impressive at getting across the message. Nice job!