October 26th, 2011

Nov. 5 is Bank Transfer Day – Move your accounts and loans to SMCU.

Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union was born to help City of Seattle workers help themselves. Nearly eighty years later, anyone who lives in the state of Washington can find financial autonomy by switching to SMCU. We haven’t forgotten that we were built by our members and are therefore a reflection of their wants and needs. We continue to operate by the same seven principles that our founders espoused when they pooled their money and started making loans to each other in 1933.

Send Your Bank A Statement

If you are frustrated with your bank, switch to SMCU today to start enjoying the freedom of owning your own money. SMCU offers the most unique checking account you can find today. Feel Good Checking™ has no monthly account fee, no minimum-balance requirment, pays a high dividend rate on the first $500 deposited, and offers free checks for life1. Plus, every Feel Good Checking™ account opened generates $20 for outstanding local non-profit agencies.

To make an even stronger statement, don’t just move your checking and savings accounts, move your loans and credit card too. SMCU offers better rates than you will find at the big, commercial banks. When you get an auto loan from SMCU, you won’t pay an origination fee that you might pay other places. Your SMCU VISA® gives you a great rate and a robust rewards program without an annual fee.

We Make it Easy to Switch to SMCU

You can open your accounts and apply for loans online, 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week at smcu.com. We also have friendly, knowledgeable branch reps standing by in any of our eight branches or by phone to answer any questions you might have about why SMCU is the right choice for you.

All SMCU branches (with the exception of City Hall) will be open from 10am-3pm on Bank Transfer Day, Saturday, November 5th, to help you make the change.

Get a free “Impede the Greed” t-shirt2

If you post a comment to this article telling us why you’ve decided to leave your bank and come to SMCU or about the difference SMCU has made for you, we’ll send you a great t-shirt. Wear it as a declaration to your bank that you have moved on and have found a credit union whose only job is taking care of you.

1 Free checks limited to one box per year.
2 Limited time offer. While supplies last.

258 Responses

  1. Julia D. S. says:

    Yay! Thanks for supporting Bank Transfer Day! I joined SMCU 2 years ago when I moved to Seattle, and I have only good things to say about my experience. You guys pay better interest than any savings account or even CD you can find these days for small amounts of money, and I love being able to interact with friendly people at your branches. I can also use ATMs from BECU and other co-op network locations with no fees. We were even able to get a cashier’s check from a co-op network partner in San Francisco last year! And you got us a great rate on a car loan that was way better than what the dealer had given us. I’ve never had any surprise fees or unpleasantness, and I love using your website to pay my bills and manage my accounts. Thanks for being so great! I’m proud to be a member.

    • Katalin G. says:

      I have been with SMCU for a about 3 years and I am so glad that I left B of A. The customer service is excellent at SMCU,and hassle free. Everyone I have dealt with has been very understanding and helpful. I also got my first credit card from them after I re-built my credit and it has been a very pleasant experience using it with low interest rates. My parents will be joining soon as well. B of A has all their accounts and house loans or they say they do. My parents have been very fed up with B of A and all of their scams. I’m super excited that they can roll over their cards and loans to SMCU with ease.

  2. Rhett A. says:

    I am currently banking at Wells Fargo and have been banking there since Jamie Damon stole WAMU with the feds help. I have been truly inspired by Occupy Wall St, which resonates with my frustration with economy. I plan to move all of my accounts on Nov 5th to support this coop (which looks to be excellent based research) and send a firm message to bring back the Glass SteagallAct and allow the Bush tax cuts to expire.
    Let’s get on board and support local financial institutions.

  3. Laura P. says:

    I love the personal service and the willingness of SMCU to “be there for me”!!- Thanks soooo much!

    Laura P

  4. Robert says:

    I have been a member of the credit union cause since my days working at a CU in Orlando, FL. I joined Seattle Met CU not soon after relocating to the Emerald City. I love your Feel Good Checking account. I recommend SMCU to all my friends and colleagues. Fire Your Bank, Join SMCU!

  5. Jennifer E. P. says:

    I just switch to SMCU because of all the extra banking fees that are not necessary and I been a customer with them for 15yr loyal years well not any more.Thank you for all your help I am ready for the SWITCH!!

  6. Kathy says:

    I have been a loyal customer of a very large “too big to fail” bank for more years than I want to admit to. The service is lacking and continues to erode as the fees increase. I need a change and look forward to SMCU’s good service and no additional fees.

  7. Misty T. says:

    I opened an account at SMCU a year ago for a loan application, but let it just sit there, continuing to use the big bank. I’ve had it with the big banks and will be moving all of my assets and credit over to SMCU asap. Thank you for supporting Nov 5th.

  8. Alex B. says:

    I love banking with SMCU. I was fed up with all those horrible fees that the other guys were charging. If they could they would’ve chraged me for getting dressed in the morning.

    Not with SMCU, no outragous fees here and the people are Always so friendly and outgoing. What a pleasant thing to have these days… SMCU you ROCK!!!


  9. Linda W. says:

    SMCU has seen me through one marital breakup, one home sale, two home purchases, and been an absolute rock for me for the past 15 years. Coupled with no bank fees, I can’t imagine a better place a bank. I do wish they’d bring back the cookies, however.

  10. Brenna R. says:

    I love SMCU ! Even though I moved all the way cross country I still use SMCU through share services. Would never swith banks again. Even on bank transfer day.

  11. Joshua G. says:

    I moved to SMCU from Wells Fargo about 8 years ago because of overdraft and other fees. Also, why not go local!?

  12. ralph says:

    I knew it was time to leave my Big Bank when they hit me with another preposterous service charge, this time for going below the “minimum balance requirement.” The whole experience felt like one more shot to the solar plexus and led me to really evaluate what I was doing by continuing to bank with for-profit institutions. My switchover to SMCU was like something out of “It’s a Wonderful Life” – by my second visit there, people starting calling me by name. I recommend credit unions every chance I get and love SMCU.

    Bye, bye, Big Banks!

  13. Janice says:

    I left WAMU six years ago and never looked back. SMCU is a real bank, staffed by real, friendly people who can help you with way more than just a checking account. my mortgage and car loans are also with SMCU because their terms were by far the best we found. thank you SMCU!

  14. Sandy W. says:

    I joined SMCU over 10 years ago, and have been absolutely satisfied. I don’t get dinged with fees. The staff is always friendly. Has been a great experience. When I owned a business a few years back I used a big bank for the accounts, on the recommendation of my financial planner. After trying three of the bigs, I had had enough. I moved my business accounts to SMCU and have never been happier. I tell everyone about SMCU and encourage them to move in order to get the best banking experience they will find!

  15. crystal says:

    I made the switch because bank of america has unbelievable, greedy charges that novody should have to deal wiith when ypu are letting them hold you account and money.

    I want a small, friendly credit union like SMCU to handle my money and help me rather than throw me under the bus all the time.

  16. Alexis B. says:

    I was banking at a huge national bank for years. They were impersonal and could care less about me and my hard earned money. I was introduced to SMCU through my work and opened a savings and checking account a few years ago. Since then I have come to know and love the employees and the attitude the credit union has towards its members. I have since started my own business and do all my banking with SMCU. There are no hidden fees and the employees are always working with me to solve problems and get the the best accounts for my needs. I am constantly singing your praises. Thank you for being the best option out there!

  17. Mark says:

    Becoming a member at SMCU taught me that I have a voice when it comes to my financial institution and that my financial institution has a history of using it’s voice.
    SMCU has been helping Seattle-ites since the great depression, when tent cities were erected down by the kingdome. Now that tent cities seem to be the trend again on Wall Street, I’m extra glad that I’m a credit union member.
    Oh yeah….and hurry up and get a new CEO Guys!!
    There must be someone that’s already shown a great deal of loyalty sitting in an office there…with lots of shoes maybe?

  18. Shirley S. says:

    After working for a large, local ‘friend of the family’ bank that let me down both as an employee and a customer, I joined SMCU and haven’t looked back. Service is great – whether you are at a branch, on the phone or email. I have no complaints, and nothing but praise. I have recommeded SMCU to several friends and will continue to do so.

  19. Beth says:

    About 2 years ago I had had it with the horrible service at the big banks. I love everyone at the Lynnwood SMCU, and hopefully this will be the year that I convert my co-worker to SMCU!!! Love you guys!

  20. Steve R. says:

    Been a SMCU member for 20 years, and I wouldn’t even consider going back to one of the “big banks”. Checking, savings, savings for the grand kids, multiple mortgages, car loans, it’s all right here with SMCU, and we couldn’t be happier with the service. Great people, the online banking is terrific, and overall it’s been a very good experience. Join up and you’ll see for yourself.