October 26th, 2011

Nov. 5 is Bank Transfer Day – Move your accounts and loans to SMCU.

Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union was born to help City of Seattle workers help themselves. Nearly eighty years later, anyone who lives in the state of Washington can find financial autonomy by switching to SMCU. We haven’t forgotten that we were built by our members and are therefore a reflection of their wants and needs. We continue to operate by the same seven principles that our founders espoused when they pooled their money and started making loans to each other in 1933.

Send Your Bank A Statement

If you are frustrated with your bank, switch to SMCU today to start enjoying the freedom of owning your own money. SMCU offers the most unique checking account you can find today. Feel Good Checking™ has no monthly account fee, no minimum-balance requirment, pays a high dividend rate on the first $500 deposited, and offers free checks for life1. Plus, every Feel Good Checking™ account opened generates $20 for outstanding local non-profit agencies.

To make an even stronger statement, don’t just move your checking and savings accounts, move your loans and credit card too. SMCU offers better rates than you will find at the big, commercial banks. When you get an auto loan from SMCU, you won’t pay an origination fee that you might pay other places. Your SMCU VISA® gives you a great rate and a robust rewards program without an annual fee.

We Make it Easy to Switch to SMCU

You can open your accounts and apply for loans online, 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week at smcu.com. We also have friendly, knowledgeable branch reps standing by in any of our eight branches or by phone to answer any questions you might have about why SMCU is the right choice for you.

All SMCU branches (with the exception of City Hall) will be open from 10am-3pm on Bank Transfer Day, Saturday, November 5th, to help you make the change.

Get a free “Impede the Greed” t-shirt2

If you post a comment to this article telling us why you’ve decided to leave your bank and come to SMCU or about the difference SMCU has made for you, we’ll send you a great t-shirt. Wear it as a declaration to your bank that you have moved on and have found a credit union whose only job is taking care of you.

1 Free checks limited to one box per year.
2 Limited time offer. While supplies last.

258 Responses

  1. cathy b. says:

    Hey, i moved all my $ to the credit union many years ago when bank of america was charging for every transfer from checking to savings and savings to checking. When i went to bank of america to remove my funds the officer asked why and i told him and he said yes, i know and understand!
    I also received a home equity loan from the credit union and it was totally painless! Fast and efficient. Really this credit union is so much better than any bank i have used personable and friendly and intelligent and easy to use. Best move i ever made!

  2. Melissa R. says:

    My husband has banked with SMCU for years. I closed my accounts at various other banks and moved them to SMCU because he was so pleased with SMCU. I’ve since opened my business account there and savings accounts for my kids. No hassles, no ridiculous fees, common sense rules and NO monthly fee to use my ATM card!! :)

  3. Linda G. says:

    I’ve had a SMCU account my whole life because my father worked for the city, but when I was a teen, I asserted my independence and I opened an account at my local Seafirst Bank. When Seafirst got sucked into the behemoth of Bank of America, things started changing for the worse. But you know what? BoA was easy and convenient. But then I actually looked at my account with SMCU and saw how much better the rates were, so slowly moved all of my savings over to SMCU. But, shoot, BoA was still convenient, and I just didn’t want to deal with changing my auto-billing and direct deposits. But the announcement of potential charges of $5/mo for using debit cards–combined with a quote that BoA knew people would be mad, but they’d be “too lazy” to change–put me over the edge. I’ve changed ALL my billings and deposits to SMCU this month… should be ready to close us my BoA accounts for good by Nov. 5th!

  4. Andy P. says:

    I opened an account at SMCU when I realized that they had the high interest on the first couple hundred dollars in the checking account. That is all that I kept in my accounts. It is so nice to be awarded for keeping money in instead of being punished (with fees.) I love these guys and with the CU network, it is sometimes easier to find ATMs out of the area than with big banks.

  5. Gilbert R. W. says:

    I like SMCU because they have 2 branches really handy to me just off the bus route. The people there have been really helpful every time I’ve stopped in. When problems happen they’re quick to get right on it. I really like that they’re local.

  6. Diane B. says:

    I love SMCU. I earm more interest than with my former banks. Keep up the good work.

  7. Andrea G. says:

    I have been with SMCU for a very long time and I will never bank with any other bank because I love the service how I don’t find any unexpected fees. I could not ask for a better experience. I recommend SMCU to anyone who tells me about problems they are having with their bank and to tell the truth I feel relieved I am not in their shoes. SMCU has never let me down.

  8. Jackie says:

    I’ve been a SMCU member for 20 plus years and never have I been “surprised” by some new fee or charge that was instituted to squeeze every last dollar out of me. I’m baffled as to why everyone isn’t switching to a credit union.

  9. Jeremie M I. says:

    SMCU is the first place I go to for my banking needs. There service, rates and ease of doing business keep me comming back for more. Thanks SMCU

  10. Rosie says:

    I’ve been a member of SMCU because I love their excellent customer service plus they handle my mortgage account. Thank you SMCU!!!

  11. susan a. says:

    I switched to SMCU because Washington Mutual turn bad and changed into Chase which turned out to be just as bad with extra banking fees that are not necessary. Thank you for all your good customer service. I’m so glad I switched!

  12. gina says:

    We have been members of SMCU for many years now. We love the personal service we always get. Our kids have also had bank accts there and took out their first car loans thru smcu. Would highly reccomend this bank!

  13. Heather says:

    I’ve been a member of the credit union for many, many years. I switched my savings account over when my previous bank started charging me fees to have the savings account with them. SMCU helped us out when we needed to get a loan for a new roof. The process was easy and the loan was more than reasonable. The staff are friendly and helpful and my accounts have never had any problems. We are preparing to move our last ‘outside’ account to SMCU. Thanks for everything!

  14. Jonathan says:

    sick of BofA. HIgh interest rates, terrible Cust.serv.
    you guys are great. not only in terms of quality, but I actually end up with more money in my pockets at the end of the month with you guys.


  15. Julien B. says:

    I have been a member of city credit union since the early 70’s and I have received nothing but great service with them. I even started my charter boat business with finance manger Betty’s help. She financing my first sailboat, and my company became very successful. Thank you to all the employees of SMCU…..

  16. Leslie B. says:

    I’m happy to report I’ve been a member of SMCU since coming to work for the City of Seattle in 2002. The fees charged by my former “Bankster” have continued to rise and I just can’t believe people still bank with them! When you leave your money in their hands, your just supporting them ripping off their customers. I went to refinance a home loan with SMCU, and they were unable to approve the loan, but they told me how to go to another bank, what particular word to use, that would trigger them to offer me a HAMP loan. Now that is customer service!

  17. Vicki B. says:

    Thanks for supporting Bank Transfer Day (Nov 5, 2011)! I like to “vote” with my dollars so I gave up saving and checking with banks about 7 years ago. I got tired of researching a good community bank with a business model (supportive of the community and based on sustainable principles) only to have the community bank gobbled up by the guys I didn’t want to have my business.
    I’ve used smaller banks since I was a teenager. I remember that I wanted to open my first checking account while I was in high school and was shocked at the very limited operating hours for Bank of America. They were only open when I was in school! So, I went next door to a local bank. I was with them for many, many years until they were gobbled up.
    Seven years with SMCU and I am a very happy customer. I love visiting my favorite branch in the Columbia Tower where Johnny and Linda always go above and beyond anything a bank employee could begin to imagine! I’m in for life.

  18. CATHY & MIKE M. says:


  19. Ellen E. says:

    Yes SMCU is awesome. I have my car loan with them and it is so simple. I love that they give the opportunity to skip a payment during christmas it really helps out.

  20. Brynn H. says:

    I left my bank, formerly WaMu then regrettably chase after the closure, over two years ago for SMCU and ive never looked back! Every time I call I get a real person with no irritating touch tone robot to deal with after the initial welcome menu. I also get in and out of the bank within minutes after having a friendly conversation with the teller. All of this is INFINITELY better than Chase, not to mention reasonable reactions to late payments, the lowest auto loan rate in town, and charitable giving to local organizations. I LOVE SMCU!