September 27th, 2010

SLICE – Strengthening Local Independent Co-ops Everywhere

Cooperatives are unique in that they look out for each other and look to spread the message about the way they operate.  Being part of a co-op can sometimes be a calling as much as it is a place to buy great stuff or a cool place to work.

One of the best examples of what can happen when the members and staff of a committed cooperative come together to demonstrate this principle is SLICE, a project of the cooperative evangelists at Central Co-op.

SLICE is a day dedicated to spreading not just the message but also the methods of cooperatives. Speakers like Rosalind Guillen, Executive Director of De Comunidad a Comunidad, and Jim Anderson from the Ohio Employee Ownership Center at Kent State University, will explain how they are leveraging the power of cooperative efforts to bring change in their communities. SLICE will include workshops on topics ranging from eating and living cooperatively to the work of creating and running a cooperative. In addition, there will be discussion sessions regarding cooperative economics and the cooperative movement from a global perspective.

SLICE runs from 9:00am to 5:30pm on Saturday, October 23, 2010, at Seattle Central Community College and includes a pre-event reception on Friday night, October 22, at 5pm. Tickets to SLICE are $60 and are sold through Brown Paper Tickets. There are a limited number of work-trade arrangements available, which offer a $30 credit toward SLICE admission, and full scholarships to the conference. Visit for more details about these opportunities.

SMCU is excited to be a part of this amazing event and work with the great people at Central Co-op to promote the remarkable things that cooperative businesses can bring to our community. We hope that you will make time to attend.

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SLICE-Strengthening Local Independent Co-ops Everywhere
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