July 18th, 2013

SMCU Presents “Keep Your Coffee”


When the big banks talk about saving money, what is the first thing they tell you? Stop buying coffee and stash that money away. While that’s not terrible advice, this is Seattle; coffee is in our blood. Cutting out your daily latte is a big sacrifice and a really hard way to save over the long term.

Before you give up the little things you enjoy, take a look at your big monthly expenses, like your mortgage or your credit card debt. This is where you can save real money with one easy switch instead of a long-time sacrifice.

For example, if you refinance your mortgage and cut your rate by just one percent, you could save hundreds of dollars a month. That’s tens of thousands over the life of your loan. Plus, once you refinance, your savings are on autopilot, and you can go back to living your life, coffee included.

When you reduce your big expenses, you have more money to enjoy the small things. That’s what we mean when we say “Keep Your Coffee.”

Visit smcu.com/KeepYourCoffee to learn about some of the great places to find extra money without overhauling your life.

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