July 29th, 2010

SMCU Raises $1,400 For Food Lifeline During Food Frenzy

Fresh off an amazing Saturday of volunteering at Food Lifeline, employees of Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union tried their hand at fund-raising as part of Food Lifeline’s Food Frenzy Summer Funds Drive. Between July 12 and July 23, 2010, SMCU employees participated in an in-house auction the proceeds of which benefited Food Lifeline.

At the same time the auction was happening, SMCU members were donating to Food Lifeline in the branches and through Online Banking. Adding the totals from member donations to the proceeds of the auction, SMCU will be able to cut a check to Food Lifeline for over $1,400.

Donations are a vital part of Food Lifeline’s work. For every dollar donated, Food Lifeline can feed a family of four. If you want to make a donation, you can do so online at Food Lifeline’s web site. If you open a Feel Good Checking account, SMCU will donate $20 to Food Lifeline.

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