February 28th, 2012

SMCU’s Text Banking Gets Even Better

Man Texting-©TarahDawdy. Used under Creative Commons LicenseSMCU’s Text Banking is already a great way to check your accounts on the go. Now, it is getting even better. We are adding new options that allow you to track your accounts, so you can keep up with your balances wherever you are.

Low Balance Alert

Know when your account balance drops below any amount you designate above $50. Use the alert to act fast to avoid bounced checks and overdrafts.

Payment Transaction Alert

Keep track of withdrawals coming from your account. Be sure that Bill Pay payments or other automatic withdrawals happen when they should. Prevent fraud by knowing if your account is accessed without your consent. Set the alert for any amount above $100.

Deposit Transaction Alert

Be alerted when large deposits hit your account. Watch for payroll deposits or payments from friends and family. Choose to be notified of deposits of any amount you set above $100.

Start using these great enhancements today.

You can set up your alerts in SMCU’s Online Banking. Click on the “Mobile Text & Alerts” tab to activate and make changes. If you haven’t signed up for Online Banking, it only takes a few minutes and will let you manage your SMCU accounts from anywhere.

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2 Responses

  1. Ruperta Alexis says:

    I am already registered for this service. I forgot the text number for obtaining account information.

    • SMCU says:

      You can use SMCU’s text banking by sending a text to 454545.

      With text banking, you can obtain various pieces of account information by using the following commands:

      • BAL – Get current and available balances for a primary account you designate.
      • LAST – See the last five transactions in your primary account.
      • BAL ALL – View current balances for all your SMCU accounts.

      A complete list of short commands can be found inside Online Banking.