January 30th, 2007

SPEAK campaign lets members design debit card


In December of 2006, Seattle Metropolitan launched a campaign entitled “SPEAK”, designed to encourage our membership to participate in improving a product offered by SMCU. We asked our membership one simple question, “Do you like the look of our current debit card?” The members voted and the response was overwhelming. Once the votes were tallied, the decision was clear. A redesign of our debit card was in order.

For more than a month we received over 300 photographs and designs submitted by our members. The top designs were posted on our Web site for the entire membership to cast their vote for their favorite. Member Megan Smith won the contest with her photo of the Seattle skyline. SMCU debit cards now carry her image (below), and she won a brand new Canon Rebel xti digital camera.


Take a look at the video below that explains the promotion and our commitment to the 7 Principles.

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