January 31st, 2012

Start Building Your Child’s Financial Foundation

One of the most important lessons young people can learn is how to manage their personal finances. By knowing how to effectively manage a checking account they can avoid thousands of dollars in needless fees. The potential impact of building and maintaining a solid credit rating can be even more valuable, as it can affect the interest rates they’ll pay on loans and even the jobs they will be offered.

Introducing SMCU Student Checking

Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union is dedicated to helping all of our members build better financial lives, including students. That is why we have introduced SMCU Student Checking.

Student Checking is a full-featured checking account for members between the ages of 13 and 18. There is no minimum balance requirement and no monthly maintenance fee. From the day the account is opened students are eligible for an SMCU debit card, which will allow them to access their accounts at retailers and at the 28,000 free ATMs in the Co-op Network in the US and Canada. When the student turns 16, he or she will be eligible to open a share-secured VISA® credit card.

Student Checking

Start Early

Unlike other student accounts, SMCU’s Student Checking is available for members as young as 13. This allows students to use their accounts while they are still at home. By the time they are on their own, they will have already built the good financial habits necessary to manage their financial well-being for the rest of their life.

Start Smart

SMCU is dedicated to providing our members the financial education they need to build a lifetime of financial independence. That applies to our Student Checking accountholders too. Before students can receive their VISA debit or credit card, they have to pass a checking account management course and a credit awareness course.

Start Safe

All Student Checking accounts require a parent or guardian to be a joint owner of the account, so the student is never alone. Parents have full access to the account, which means they are able to monitor all of the transactions. If they see trouble coming they can work with their child to avoid it or lessen the potential impact.

Start Now

To learn more about Student Checking, visit www.smcu.com or stop by any SMCU branch.

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