principle #6 (cooperation)

Cooperation among cooperatives is vital. As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union serves its members best and contributes to the cooperative movement by working with other cooperatives through local, state, regional, national and international organizations.


November 30th, 2010

Tune into Holiday Magic on Dec. 9

On Thursday, December 9, News Talk 97.3 KIRO FM will be presenting a 14-hour radiothon to benefit Treehouse. The Foster Children Holiday Magic radiothon will be broadcast from 5am to 7pm. During that time, listeners can call in to make donations, which Treehouse uses to buy holiday gifts for foster children who might not otherwise… (keep reading)


October 29th, 2010

Holiday Magic Funds Drive

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, there are more than 423,000 foster children in the United States who are waiting to be adopted1. Treehouse makes a difference in their lives by helping with school, fulfilling key material needs and paying for extras that are, for most kids, just a regular part… (keep reading)


October 27th, 2010

SMCU hosts Co-opapalooza

What does it mean to be a cooperative? The answer depends on the reason the co-op is formed and who the members are. Some co-ops are founded to ensure members have access to more affordable loans or better deposit rates. Others are built to provide members a stronger voice in the marketplace and make it… (keep reading)


October 18th, 2010

Celebrate International Credit Union Day

Credit unions have been a vital part of the U.S. financial system since New Hampshire’s St. Mary’s Bank opened its doors November 24, 1908. Linked by an adherence to seven cooperative principles, credit unions have worked tirelessly to make a difference for their members by offering higher rates on deposits and making credit less expensive… (keep reading)


September 27th, 2010

SLICE – Strengthening Local Independent Co-ops Everywhere

Cooperatives are unique in that they look out for each other and look to spread the message about the way they operate.  Being part of a co-op can sometimes be a calling as much as it is a place to buy great stuff or a cool place to work. One of the best examples of… (keep reading)


September 20th, 2010

We Love Co-ops

Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union is proud to be a cooperative. Being a cooperative means that we are able to do business a little differently than for-profit financial institutions do. The success of a cooperative is measured by the benefits it gives to its members rather than the amount of profit it makes. Being a cooperative… (keep reading)


September 13th, 2010

SMCU Welcomes Super Supplements As Newest SEG

Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union is proud to announce that Seattle-based retailer Super Supplements has signed on as the newest Select Employer Group (SEG). Super Supplements is the premier retailer of discounted name brand supplements and vitamins in the Pacific Northwest with more than 300 employees. Since their founding in 1994, they have grown to 23… (keep reading)