principle #4 (independence)

Autonomy & independence set us apart. As a financial cooperative, Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union is autonomous and independent because we are controlled by our members, not outside shareholders. If SMCU seeks to enter into agreements with other organizations it must be done in ways that ensure cooperative autonomy and continued control by members only.

Bob Harvey

January 1st, 2011

SMCU President and CEO Bob Harvey to Retire

After almost 19 years at the helm of Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union and 40 years in the banking world, SMCU President and CEO Bob Harvey announces his retirement, effective April 1, 2011. Mr. Harvey is only the third CEO in the 77-year history of Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union and has seen a world of change… (keep reading)


December 31st, 2010

3 Clicks. 2 Minutes. 1 Vote.

If you could change one thing about your credit union, what would it be? Every year, you as a member/owner of Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union get the opportunity to make a difference. Being a member of SMCU means you have the ability and responsibility to voice your opinions and help shape the landscape of your… (keep reading)


December 31st, 2010

78th Annual Meeting: 4.2.2011

It’s time again to mark your calendars for SMCU’s 78th Annual Meeting. This year’s annual meeting will be hosted at the Nesholm Family Lecture Hall in Seattle Center at 9a on Saturday, April 2nd, 2011.


October 18th, 2010

Celebrate International Credit Union Day

Credit unions have been a vital part of the U.S. financial system since New Hampshire’s St. Mary’s Bank opened its doors November 24, 1908. Linked by an adherence to seven cooperative principles, credit unions have worked tirelessly to make a difference for their members by offering higher rates on deposits and making credit less expensive… (keep reading)


September 27th, 2010

SLICE – Strengthening Local Independent Co-ops Everywhere

Cooperatives are unique in that they look out for each other and look to spread the message about the way they operate.  Being part of a co-op can sometimes be a calling as much as it is a place to buy great stuff or a cool place to work. One of the best examples of… (keep reading)


September 20th, 2010

We Love Co-ops

Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union is proud to be a cooperative. Being a cooperative means that we are able to do business a little differently than for-profit financial institutions do. The success of a cooperative is measured by the benefits it gives to its members rather than the amount of profit it makes. Being a cooperative… (keep reading)


July 26th, 2010

New Beginnings for Domestic Violence Victims

Autonomy means having the ability and freedom to act in your own best interests. An autonomous person has the opportunity to improve their circumstances by making different choices today than they made yesterday. Many of us consider personal autonomy to be an inalienable human right. Sadly, some people have this right stripped from them because… (keep reading)