August 20th, 2008

Washington Business Week

Washington Business Week

SMCU is proud to have been a sponsor of Washington Business Week’s 2008 summer program. Marketing Manager Andy Wright had an “exhausting and exhilarating” time volunteering as a Company Advisor to nine outstanding high school students. Washington Business Week is a week-long opportunity for high school students from all over Washington to learn about teamwork, leadership, and responsibility. Student’s run a simulated business, face real-life challenges, and learn valuable lessons from accomplished business leaders who volunteer their time as guest speakers. WBW teaches green/sustainable business practices, business ethics, social and financial responsibility, and even basic principles of personal finance and credit unions. The summer program runs for one week at four different Washington college campuses. Student stay on campus, live in the dorms and experience the college environment.

Washington Business Week is also offered directly in high schools during the school day. This format of Business Week gives local business people the opportunity to volunteer in their own community and give back to the youth of that community. The program format is very similar to the summer program except that it runs for just the school day.

Visit for more information about how contribute to this incredible program, or sign up to be a Company Advisor, Residential Advisor or Judge! It will be one of the most rewarding and educational experiences you’ll ever have.

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