September 20th, 2010

We Love Co-ops

Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union is proud to be a cooperative. Being a cooperative means that we are able to do business a little differently than for-profit financial institutions do. The success of a cooperative is measured by the benefits it gives to its members rather than the amount of profit it makes. Being a cooperative means that we do our best to operate according to the seven principles laid down by the first cooperatives.

Cooperatives are the ultimate in consumer-focused organizations, founded by the very people they serve with the aim of providing a better deal than their members could get from existing businesses. Co-ops typically provide better goods or services for the same or lower costs than are available from traditional companies. Co-ops exist in almost every arena that for-profit businesses do. Some co-ops are large and familiar to almost everyone; others are small and only known by the die-hard groups of people they serve.

SMCU thinks that the more people that know about co-ops, the more people will use them. Since co-ops depend on participation to provide benefits to their members, the more people that get involved, the better and more plentiful those benefits are.

To spread the word about co-ops SMCU is hosting Co-opapalooza on October 17, 2010, from 10am to 3pm at Pravda Studios on Seattle’s Capitol Hill. Co-opapalooza is a celebration of the great things co-ops are doing for their members as well as an opportunity for consumers to learn more about co-ops and the cooperative business model.

Co-opapalooza will feature several different types of cooperatives, from food co-ops to coffee co-ops and, of course, a cooperative financial institution you may have heard of. The co-ops will be giving out samples, answering questions about their business and taking membership applications. There will also be live music from local bands, including Hey Marseilles.

Co-opapalooza is free to attend and promises to be a rollicking-good, have-fun-and-learn-something kind of day. We hope to see you there.

If you know a co-op that needs more exposure and might be interested in hosting a free booth at Co-opapalooza, have them visit to download an application and find out more about the event.

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