October 23rd, 2010

We’re Looking for a Few Outstanding Members

2011 Volunteer Elections

As a member-owner of Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union, you have a VOICE in the overall governance of the credit union. Like all credit unions, we are run by a volunteer board of directors elected by, and from, the membership. Democratic elections ensure the board remains accountable to the membership and the needs of the credit union.

Applications are now being accepted for member nominations to our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee. Descriptions of these elected volunteer positions are provided below, followed by details of the nomination process.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees the operations of the credit union by setting policy, planning strategic direction, hiring the President/CEO and protecting the interest of SMCU members.

Each year, three of nine volunteer positions with three-year terms are open for re-election. The time commitment averages 10 to 20 hours per month. An incumbent wishing to serve another term must run for re-election when his/her term expires. Experience in, and knowledge of planning, financing, budgeting, marketing, personnel or organizational management is desired.

Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee ensures adherence to established policies and procedures; supervises the completion of an annual audit as well as supplemental audits; and reports the findings to the Board, management, members and/or regulatory agencies as required.

This year, there is one open position on the Supervisory Committee. The position has a three-year term with an average time commitment of 5 to 7 hours per month. Ideal candidates will have some knowledge of accounting and finance.

To Be On The Ballot

To be eligible, a candidate must meet eligibility requirements including the following: minimum age of 21, and a membership in good standing with SMCU for at least one year. A candidate must also pass screening requirements, including the following: bondability check, credit check, employment verification(s) and educational verification(s).


  • Apply to the Board of Directors’ Nominating Committee by completing an application.
  • Send a resume and statement of interest in 50 – 275 words (your statement may appear on the ballot).
  • The Nominating Committee will interview the applicants and approve the nomination of candidates.

Nomination by Petition

  • Obtain the signatures of at least 1% of the membership and submit that along with a resume and statement of interest in 50 – 275 words.
  • The Nominating Committee will interview the candidate, review the required documentation and validate the petition.

Applications and petitions must be received no later than 4 p.m., on Wednesday, December 1, 2010 and should be brought to the SMCU Administrative Offices on the second floor of 801 Third Avenue in Seattle or mailed to the following address:

Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union
Attn: Nominating Committee
PO Box 780
Seattle, WA 98111-0780

Applications postmarked by December 1st, but received at a later date can not be considered.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

At SMCU, if you’re a member, you’re also an owner, regardless of how much money you have on deposit or how many services you have. You are entitled to one vote in the annual volunteer elections giving you a say in who sits on your Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee. Letting members call the shots isn’t just a good idea, it’s one of the Seven Cooperative Principles by which we operate. Take advantage of this opportunity to participate in SMCU’s annual volunteer elections.

If there are more candidates than open positions, ballots will be mailed to qualifying members in mid-February. An on-line voting option will also be available. To be eligible to vote, you must be a member in good standing as of 12/31/2010 who is a natural person over 18 years of age and who meets the minimum share balance requirement of $5. Each member is entitled to vote only once.


If you have any questions regarding the nomination process, contact Michael Oaks, Administrative Coordinator, at 206.398.5560 or michaelo@smcu.com.

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