November 8th, 2012

Which Tier Are You? Get Cash for Referring New Members

When you refer new members to SMCU, you help your co-op grow. That’s important because, as it grows, the co-op is able to offer you improved products and services while still keeping costs low.

By telling your friends and family about SMCU’s free checking accounts and low-cost auto loans, you are passing the benefits of credit-union membership on to them. You’ll feel like a hero, and best of all, your co-op will reward you in cash for referring new members. When you refer a friend or family member you can get paid $20, $40, or even $50. The amount you get for each referral depends on how you use SMCU. Tiered bonuses for referrals are an example of Cooperative Principle #3: The more you use your co-op, the more you can benefit from it.

Which Tier Are You?

Tier One - If you have a checking account with SMCU, you’ll get $20 at the end of the quarter for every qualified referral you make. A qualified referral is a new member who opens a new checking account within 30 days of joining SMCU.

Tier Two – If you have an SMCU consumer loan1, including an SMCU VISA® credit card, you get $40 per qualified referral.

Tier Three – If you have a mortgage at SMCU your bonus jumps up to $50 per qualified referral.

A Bonus Bonus

When the person you refer opens a new SMCU loan1 , you get a $50 bonus, no matter which tier you’re in. As long as their loan funds within 30 days of when they open their membership, you’ll get $50 at the end of the quarter.

How Much Will You Earn?

There is no limit to how many new members you can refer in a quarter. Spread the word about your credit union, and you could end up with enough for a nice night out, a weekend away, or even more.

Since the program began in June, SMCU members have received more than $8,000 for spreading the word about SMCU.

As an SMCU member, you know what it means to be a credit union member versus a bank customer. Now you have a chance to help your friends and family experience all the things you love about your local financial co-op. Help them transfer from their bank today and get a little reward for yourself.

Learn more about the member referral program and read the official rules at

1not including share-secured loans.

2 Responses

  1. Chris Puryear says:

    Maybe I’m just mad. Usually I promote and refer people to SMCU every chance I get. Today is the first time I have ever been disappointed by my CU.

    Sure I was a minute after close, but there were still customers in the lobby.

    My ATM card had been “retained” by a competing CU and I had no access to my account.

    Obviously, the answer would have been to arrive earlier, but I didn’t know my newborn was out of formula until my wife called me at work.

    SMCU’s managers answer was, “the good news is we’re open tomorrow!”

    Well SMCU, we may be headed for a break-up. At the very least, I won’t be telling my friends and family about how you have always gone out of your way to help!

    • SMCU says:


      Thank you for letting us know about this. You are a busy person and we want to be as flexible and available as possible. Branch access must be carefully managed for security reasons, which can affect our flexibility sometimes, but we hope we can at least talk with you about how to make your experience outstanding in the future. Please call or email us at (do not include account information) or send a secure email through Online Banking and we will try to assist you in any way we can. Thank you for your membership.