May 23rd, 2012

Your VISA® Statement will be changing

When you open your July VISA® statement. you will notice some changes to how the statement looks. The new format aims to make it easier for you to read and understand your credit card information. Changes include:

Preview Statement Changes
  • A larger statement, allowing changes to how statement information is organized
  • A reorganization of card information and transaction history for easier reading
  • A new calendar-style graphic indicating the payment due date
  • Month and year tabs on the edge of the statement for easier filing and retrieval.

Online statements will also be changing to reflect many of these new features.

Perhaps the most important update to remember is that the address you send payments to will be changing. The new address will appear on the first new statement. If you pay your VISA® payment via Bill Pay, you will need to update your payments to reflect the new address.

The changes will be implemented on your July statement. You will receive a notice in your June statement detailing the new features and another with your July statement.

If you are enrolled in VISA eStatements, you will receive paper copies of your June and July statements in addition to the electronic versions. You will only receive the electronic versions after July.

The changes are in response to requirements put in place by the Credit CARD Act of 2009 and allow SMCU to remain compliant with changing regulations and offer our VISA® credit card holders the best service possible.

We hope you find the new statement format more user-friendly. If you have questions, please contact us at 800-334-2489.

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